You’re Semester in 0Z

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Welcome to Oz!

How was your flight?

Yeah it’s long right…really long!

But you’re here now. Make sure you check the time before you call anyone. You are 17 hours ahead of New York. Get used to late night Skype calls.

From the airport grab a cab and get on down to Haymarket. If it is just you in the cab you sit in the front. I know it seems strange, but it is all about social equality, you are no better than the driver you sit with him. However, if there are two people you can sit in the back. If you are like me and do not have an Australian accent pay attention to where you are going the drivers like to go in circles and jack up the prices.

You have arrived at the dorm 83 Quay Street.

To answer your first question, yes they always play this horrible music in the lobby. It is not the best place, but you do have your own bathroom. Just don’t be too surprised when the people who work the dorm walk in on you, I know its freaky, but there is no privacy here.

What is Science House?

That is where you really live in the NYU academic center. Yeah the walk sucks! Hopefully at this point they are done with all that construction on George Street. If not carful there are no police around when you J-walk because they will actually fine you. I know, I know it is insane.

You have some time to kill before classes do you?

Well this is the best part. Science House is in the heart of Sydney. Ever heard of the Sydney opera house? Yeah you are all of 10 steps from it. Take a stroll through the botanical gardens, the flowers look like something out of a prehistoric forest. Just DON”T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!! The sun here is so strong I have never felt anything like it. Even if you reapply and don’t get burned your skin will still burn at night. It is also time to invest in white shirts. Look, I get it, we are from NYC we only have black. But, a black t-shirt on a sunny day is a no go my friend. Didn’t pack any light colored shirts? No worries I didn’t either. Hit up Vinnie’s, that is like their salvation army. Most stores here are really expensive. Places that us college students are used to going to like H&M and Forever 21 are twice as much here. But beside Vinnie’s the plus side to living in Haymarket is it is the mecca for dollar stores in Australia.

Other plus side to living in Haymarket is… drum roll please…

Darling Harbor.

That is, if you are like me and love a good playground, then you will be happy to know that the best playground I have ever seen in my young life is right around the corner. This place has fountains to run in, a giant zip line, and climbing structures that are as high as five story buildings. I know playgrounds, it sounds lame, but its like a play ground for adults. When you at night it is 100% adults having the time of their lives.

Lastly, you cannot forget the beach!

Cronulla, Tamarama, Bondi, Cogee, Palm beach, Manly… the list goes on and on. SO don’t forget a beach towel because that is where you will be all weekend long!

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  1. Hi Anne,

    It’s interesting to see what your tip are after being in Australia for the past 4 months. I love the approach you’ve taken as you lead people through the experience they will have rather than listing tips like I did. After being away from home in Melbourne, you’re post has gotten me incredibly excited for warm weather, relaxing on the beach and the smell of sunscreen. What do you think you’ll miss about Sydney?


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