Where else is known for having hot men?

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I have absolutely loved every moment of my experience in Sydney. I would highly recommend the site to anyone looking to study abroad. First and foremost, it is warm here. Why would you stay through the awful New York winter when you could be laying on the beach three days a week here down under? The staff at NYU Sydney are also phenomenal. The director, Marcus, helps every students and makes sure to accommodate any needs you have. Seriously like anything, the staff here would help you. The housing is also awesome. Everyone complains that it is far from campus- it is a 25 minute walk- but you walk through the CBD and it can be nice to see the city. Also, I do not think you could be any closer to the campus and still be in the city. Everyone has their own room and bathroom, and the room is bigger than the one I had back in New York that I shared. I have all great things to say about Sydney and looking back, I do not know why I would have gone anywhere else. So now that I have convinced my audience of the awesomeness here, I have some tips:

Do not come in with any expectations. Sydney was not at all what I expected. It is a very modern city that could be part of the United States. I guess a downside is that it doesn’t carry as much culture as European cities, but I found that it does have its own character.

Expect to spend A LOT of money. I am a pretty practical person and try to limit what I spend, but man did I spend a lot. I felt so far from home that I made an effort to see as much as I could while I am all this way. The problem though, is that flights and food are expensive. Hostels are great here in Australia and the surrounding areas, but meals are at least $20 and the flights were hundreds.

Never go to the same beach! There are so many beaches around Sydney, but it is easy to get in the routine of sticking to one. But don’t. They are all amazing and some of the further ones are the best. So wake up a little bit earlier and explore the surroundings.

Travel on Sundays. The public transport is $2.50 for all travel on Sundays so that is the day you should go find somewhere new.

It does get cold here. When I say cold I mean like 60 degrees, but I packed like I would be living in Hawaii. I’m not. And I’m cold.

I am happy with my choice to study in Sydney. When I look at everything, I could see myself as an adult being able to travel through Europe. Plus, Europe, I think, would be done better as an adult who can afford the nice hotels and the good food. Australia I believe is better to experience while younger. Many other young adults backpack through it, beaches are free, and a lot of the excursions require being active or adrenaline-seeking. Also, I plan to backpack through Southeast Asia after I leave NYU Sydney since I am so close, and I think it is easier to do that while younger as well. There are many positives to being in Australia as a young adult. I mean, it is a country known for its hot men! 😉

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  1. Hi Megan,

    First of all, I completely agree with you on preferring the warmth of Sydney to the freezing cold winters of New York City. So often during the fall semester do I find myself wondering, “Why am I living somewhere where the air hurts my face??” I also like what you said about not coming into Sydney with any expectations, because I feel the same way about Prague. Before coming here I had seen a travel video on it which made the city seem tiny, quaint, and boring. But I discovered,to my delight once I arrived, that Prague is anything but. And my experiences since then have convinced me that while travel videos might be useful to get an idea of a place, they cannot in any way capture the true scope and depth of an actual city- there is just too much to be discussed!
    Also, good luck with your backpacking through Southeast Asia! That is something I have always wanted to do and can admit I am very jealous! Great post, and best of luck on your future travels!


  2. Megan,

    In a completely non-thirsty fashion, I clicked your piece because of it title. I heard that NYU Sydney has amazing housing options. Oh my gosh! Prepare for series of tourist-like questions: Your own bedroom? Your own bathroom? And your room is that huge? Would you say that you had a more modern room? Were there any people who lived in your building who were not students? You made me laugh when you said, “I packed like I would be living in Hawaii. I’m not. And I’m cold.” I enjoyed reading about Sydney and am actually craving to see it one day. I will remember to buy a jacket for the weather, trainors for the adrenaline rush, and a Sim card for the phone numbers relevat to your last line.


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