What would Bourdain do? How to honor the intrepid traveler’s legacy

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CNN: Since Anthony Bourdain’s death, travelers around the globe have been mourning the loss of one of the world’s most gifted storytellers and cultural ambassadors.

After rewatching Bourdain’s shows, rereading his books and essays, and tuning in for his last “Parts Unknown” episodes, how else can you linger in Bourdain’s spirit? How can you make sure his unique take on travel — and on the world — doesn’t fade away?

From making his way from restaurant kitchens as a dishwasher to becoming one of the most influential Emmy-award-winning cultural correspondents of our time, Anthony Bourdain forever changed how we view travel. Bourdain shed a cinematic light on the human experience around the world and showed us all how simply sharing a meal with a stranger can be a great equalizer and a way into the conversation.

In honoring his legacy, ask yourself: What would Bourdain do?  Read more.

(Image: Anthony Bourdain filmed Parts Unknown New Jersey in January 2015; Source: Zero Point Zero)

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