Wake up. Participate in life. Sleep. Repeat

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Monday: I wake up too early because I forgot to close my blinds the night before. The light starts to leak in around 5:30 and by 6 it’s always too bright to sleep anymore. It isn’t as simple as just closing the blinds and going back to sleep. So I find myself up, at 6 am, with nothing to do. Internet is limited at our housing accommodations so I reluctantly stream Netflix until I have to get ready for class. Google Maps says its takes 30 minutes from where we stay to where our classes are held ( Urbanest to Science House), but with the way people walk here and waiting at lights it’s more like 40-50 minutes. I grab a coffee on the walk up. It’s adding up, but if you factor in the currency conversion it’s still cheaper than New York (depending on what you get).  I get to Science House and take the stairs. I always regret it. Its only four flights, but with a heavy backpack and a coffee in hand it’s just not necessary. I sit through class. We get a 15 minute break sometime in the middle. I take this opportunity to go to the kitchen and get more coffee. When class is over I go to lunch. I don’t stay “on campus” I go back to Urbanest. From then on there’s nothing “routine” about my day. It depends if I’m feeling particularly lazy (I then do nothing) or if I feel like exploring (I then aimlessly walk around the city). There are some in-between options as well but they vary too much to truly explain them.

Tuesday: I wake up too early. Again. I forgot to close my blinds. Again. I don’t have classes today, but I have an internship. I have to be in the office by 8:30 and I actually have to look decent (unlike during class). Some days it’s really exciting (for me at least) and I get to go to court (Oh, by the way my internship is at a law office… that little tid-bit should help clarify things). Other days I’m just going through piles of documents reading, labeling, scanning them. Staring at the tiny corner of my computer screen that dictates life – time – waiting for lunch and after lunch waiting for 5 o clock to come (but hey that’s the reality of the profession it’s not all excitement but legitimate extensive work before a matter even comes close to trial). By the time I get back from work I don’t want to do anything. I eat and veg out; I was productive enough during the day.

Wednesday: I wake up too early. Again. When am I going to learn?? (Spoiler alert: Probably never). Today is my longest day, and knowing this makes the struggle of fully getting up (and not just being awake) even harder. I leave for class early because I walk, always. The train is too expensive and only really worth it when it rains.  The walk is nice, especially earlier when the sidewalks aren’t congested with slow moving masses. I grab coffee on the way up, trying not to go to the same place. Everywhere has good coffee and it doesn’t make sense to me to settle on one if there are so many good options. I struggle to pull the swipe key that gets me in the building out of my backpack. I take the stairs again, I don’t know why. I get to the third floor (which in the US would really be considered the fourth floor) and somehow I’m early. People trickle in and class starts. Between classes I have 5 minutes. It’s around this time I regret not having any food (it wasn’t really a decision not to bring any, and more of me forgetting I should). 3 more hours. I’m done with classes for the day. I go back to Urbanest. My backpack is too big and heavy and needs to be dropped off before I do anything. Also, food, making Urbanest stop numero uno after class.

Thursday: I’m surprised I get out of bed. I still haven’t closed my blinds but not even the light can force me into full consciousness. I have my internship all day (see above detail, it’s a little too repetitive to repeat). After my internship on Thursdays though, I don’t get to go home. I get to walk to Science house and lounge on a bean-bag until it’s time for class to start. This is the latest class I have but it is also the shortest (less than half the time of my other classes). There are only nine of us in the class. It gets dark really early, so when we get out it feels like its 9-10 pm, when in reality its only 7:15. I walk back to Urbanest, unlock my room, face-plant on my bed and don’t move for a solid 30 minutes.

Sprinkle some readings for classes, assignments, skype, city exploration, discovering Australian TV shows, grocery shopping and aimless internet browsing – voilà, my “academic” week in a nutshell (or rather a condensed blog post).

*academic is in quotes because I only detailed the days of the week where I had class and/or an internship


  1. Hi Christina!
    It sounds like you’ve pretty much gotten accustomed to living in Sydney! Although falling into a routine is a great way of expressing comfort in a new setting, do you feel as though there is potentially more to discover or introduce into your routine? Sometimes I forget that not all of us abroad are all are one location (Florence) but it was refreshing to hear about another experience. Wishing you the best and appropriately punctual mornings.

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