Vielen Dank Berlin!

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As I sit under these trees in Berlin , I feel the breeze on my face. In Germany, the breeze feels cool and fresh. I am sitting along the river, this reminds me of a usual hangout spot for me in New York, along the East River. The space by the River in New York is different from the River in Berlin. In New York, Along the paved road there is a worn dirt trail that extends. But sitting here in Berlin along the river here, with my bag of delicious vegetable chips under the trees reminds me a contrast of life in Berlin. In Berlin it is much more spacious and peaceful than in New York. Since, the last Winter Break, I had no idea what to expect in my stay in Berlin. Throughout this semester, My time in Berlin sometimes feels like a dream. It is still a little unbelievable that I am here, when just recently I was in High school and still have only been to Europe once.

Another thing that I will miss when I go home is the public spaces. Berlin has some of the greatest public spaces that I have ever seen. A Spy Tower, a Lake, and many parks and playgrounds create a dynamic and free land to explore.

When I get back home, I am looking forward to eating with my friends and family and enjoying the places back home. I will also miss the delicious food in Germany that I have eaten, such as bread and Müsli. I will also have a greater understanding of what is out there in Berlin and some places in Europe. I have seen many places in the world that are new to me. At home, I may take note of how many German cars there are, and German influences that came from Germany. Kindergarten may be one of these. I will also probably drink much more beer. I love the Nature reserves, I love the presence of Hipsters and readers, and I love the public spaces here. People from all over have moved to Berlin to live. I am extremely happy that I have gotten this chance to be in Berlin. The hardest & most rewarding experience in Berlin for me was learning about Germans and their way of life.

As I sit under the trees in Berlin, I reflect over the time spent here in the past few months. I am especially thankful for the friends that have shared this time with me. I am thankful for my parents, my teachers, and Berlin for allowing me to spend time in Berlin. As I leave from my half year in Berlin, I shall look back with great appreciation for the things that I have experienced and learned here. My time here was for 6 months and that time went by faster than expected. Years from now, I will remember how Melvin, went to go study abroad in Berlin in his Junior year. I will remember the people I’ve met, the things I’ve learned, and the incredible place that I’ve stayed this time. I will remember all the fun and incredible experiences and memories I’ve made with my friends. I will remember the meals I have shared with people, the food, and the art that make Berlin a kühl place.

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(Image: A picture taken in Grünewald, Berlin. (Spy Tower); Source: Melvin)


  1. Hey Melvin,

    I’m so glad that it sounds like you’ve really enjoyed your time there! I think most importantly is what you said about learning their way of life, because that, to me is the one thing that we don’t necessarily experience and understand when we visit somewhere for a short amount of time as a tourist.
    I hope you’ll remember all the things you’ve learnt, especially about the people and the culture, and may you keep traveling and keep growing!

  2. Melvin,

    I live right by the East River, so I love that spot as well… something about sitting by a river in a city seems to be universal, as I feel it here in Shanghai by the Huangpu River as well.
    I do identify with the feeling of your study abroad experience being a dream. Mine feels like that as well, and I wonder if it will feel the same way when I return.


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