Trump double trouble; N.Y.U. roiled by crackdowns

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The Villager: New York University is facing a dire Donald Trump double whammy. On the one hand, many of its foreign Muslim students are feeling unsettled and confused amid the president’s “travel ban” on certain Muslim-majority countries. Meanwhile, undocumented students at N.Y.U. are racked with anxiety over the new president’s crackdown on immigrants. The two issues blur together into one big — orange-colored — ball of fear and loathing.

Trump released his so-called “Muslim Ban Lite” this past Monday, but — save for Iraqi students — it has done little to ease the panic that has gripped N.Y.U. students from the targeted countries ever since the president first issued the ban at the end of January. Trump’s new order dropped Iraq from the list because, the administration now says, it is an ally in the fight against ISIS and Al-Qaeda, plus adequately vets people traveling to the U.S.

At the same time, as Trump has vowed to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, debate also continues to swirl at N.Y.U. about whether it should become a so-called “sanctuary campus.” The school’s administration claims it’s a vaguely defined term, and that N.Y.U. already basically is committed to doing many of things that advocates are asking for.

Not satisfied with the administration’s answers, this past Sunday, N.Y.U. alumni staged a march on campus demanding that the school officially declare itself a sanctuary campus. Undergraduates similarly rallied a few days earlier. Another protest is set for this Thursday.  Read more.

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