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Sydney. A simple city in a complicated world, yet still complex enough that I don’t know where to start. I guess the best place to begin would be the flight. No matter where you’re coming from I can suggest that you fly in via Qantas air or Virgin Australia. Both are local airlines that know what they’re doing, and know how to do it well. I made the mistake of taking an American airline and bit the bullet as far as flight disasters trying to get down under.

Once you make successfully into Sydney it’s time to figure out where to stay. Short term, there are tons of hostels in Sydney’s best areas that are great for a cheap stay. After all, you shouldn’t be spending much time inside in such an amazing city, so it’s not a big loss to live the cheap life. However, if living here I would suggest looking in the outskirts of the city. Either all the way East by Bondi, or North by the Northern beaches, it’s not uncommon for locals to live in the suburbs of the city. Most people have cars for an easy commute, but if that’s not your preference then the trains are perfectly reliable as a form of transportation. Real estate prices are rising pretty dramatically as of late, so staying in a central city location is reserved as a less affordable option. Although, if you can afford it, it would definitely be a more luxurious and convenient option to stay central.

Once you’re all settled in, I suggest you go out and EAT. Eat everything and anything you can find. The food in Sydney is incredible and you literally can’t go wrong. You’ll find the cuisine here especially amazing if you suffer from food allergies, or follow a specific diet of any kind. The restaurants here are incredibly accommodating from Gluten free to vegan food, there are options everywhere. Personally, I’ve found that Sydney has a specialty in making burgers. Mary’s in Newtown may have been the best burger I’ve ever eaten, which is saying something as I’ve eaten in at least one burger place in every city I’ve ever been to. There are also a lot of sushi and custom-made salad restaurants if you’re looking for a healthier route.

Activity wise, there are a lot of general activities everyone should, and probably will, do while they’re in Sydney. From the Sydney Harbour to Bondi Beach, there’s no lack of tourist traps here. For a genuine experience, however, it’s best to look up what’s happening around the city. There are events going on every weekend, and they’re all unique to the community around Sydney. Whether it be the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade or one of the many festivals happening every weekend, there’s not a single second that you have to be bored or alone in this bustling city. Don’t expect to party late into the night though, as there are lockout laws that require bars and clubs to stop allowing entry after 1:30am, and force them to close no later than 3am. Coming from New York, this might be confusing, but the milennials here are fighting to change the unjust laws.

While that may just scratch the surface of how to get the best of a Sydney experience, it’s the essentials you need to know before coming to this beautiful beach town. This city is alive, and the most important thing is that you’re ready to put yourself out there and fully experience the beautiful city.

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