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I am currently studying abroad in Prague, and it is one of the best experiences of my life. I would 100% recommend studying abroad here. The opportunity to travel all across Europe and explore the elaborate culture really helps open your eyes to the world. If you do decide to study abroad in Prague, here is are some amazing things to do.

Travel! The weekends provide ample amounts of time to visit different countries around Europe. However, don’t forget to explore Prague. There is so much culture and definitely some very interesting places to visit. The places you visit don’t always have to be tourist attractions. I live in the dorm Slezska, and I love walking around the nearby parks and exploring the area. Whether you’re in Prague or traveling, try delicious foods. Whether its Czech food, other boutique restaurants, or dessert parlors, the food is usually very good and very cheap (in Prague, abroad prices can vary).

As I said earlier, I live in Slezska and would recommend living there. It’s really close to a subway stop and just located in a pretty nice neighborhood. There are parks around the area and even a basketball court if you want to play. My dorm is a suite with a double and a quad together. All the rooms are pretty spacious, but the one downside is there is a common kitchen for everyone.

Study abroad was a very eye opening experience. No matter where you choose to study abroad at or where you live, your experience will be amazing, you’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll learn a lot about the world and yourself. Below, I’ll list a few specific things that you should try in Prague!

  • Visit the Candy Store in Prague if you’re ever homesick. They sell a lot of American food products, like Arizona, Lucky Charms, and Oreos!
  • Go on the free trips that are available for students. Most of them are incredibly fun and you’ll go to places that you never would have considered regularly.
  • If you want to stay in shape, you better work out! The food and beer is delicious and cheap. Beers are the drink of choice whenever people go out, and you’ll often see people drinking beer at restaurants before noon.
  • Don’t be close-minded. There will be plenty of opportunities to try new things and go to new places. Definitely look at everything with an open mind and just have fun!



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