The World’s Largest Street Art Museum Is Opening in Berlin

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Condé Nast Traveler: The five-story indoor-outdoor museum features 100 artists and is completely free.

Berlin is to street art what Paris is to cafes and Amsterdam is to canals. Long known as the most “bombed” (or, “tagged”) city in Europe, the UNESCO City of Design is home to the world’s longest open-air gallery, a barrage of mind-blowing murals splashed across its concrete canvases, and—opening September 16—the world’s biggest museum devoted entirely to street art: the Museum for Urban Contemporary Art.

When the final tags dry in Berlin’s buzzing Schöneberg neighborhood, the five-story indoor-outdoor explosion of graffiti, paste-ups, and towering acrylic designs will feature original pieces from 100 of the planet’s most well-known urban artists, including Shepard Fairey, 1010, Evol, and Icy and Sot. Some 30 artists will cover the surrounding train tracks with eye-catching installations, and the museum’s facade will be wrapped in 8,000-square-foot murals created on transportable panels that can be rotated and archived.

“This isn’t about trying to squeeze something that belongs on the street into a house,” Yasha Young, the director and curator of Urban Nation and the driving force behind the project told Condé Nast Traveler. “It’s about giving these artists the backbone of a living, breathing museum, protecting their work, and letting people get up close to experience something that’s often painted over.”  Read more.

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