The Spirits of Berlin

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Berlin is inviting. A city full of interesting people, creative spaces, and great surprises. Berlin is a place that has really pretty splashes of color all around the city, be it in the graffiti, or the nooks or crannies, or the people. But in order to see and appreciate it, one must go out and embrace the invitation. Graffiti of the coolest and funniest kind are hidden in places that you couldn’t imagine, waiting for you to find them. Food of incredible smells and textures are waiting for you to find them.

Berlin has a spirit of freedom. Berlin is a city of possibilities. Things are open ended and encouraged for you to try. Their air is sharp and crisp. The streets are robust and it is easy to get around the city. When the Sun shines the people of Germany like to go and dance outside to the sound of beats. People are very nice in Germany and give people space.  Berlin has many spielplatz which means playground. These playgrounds are more fun than any playgrounds that I have encountered in America. There even are playgrounds that are only for kids, people over 14 and parents are not allowed. The Autobahn gives drivers the freedom to enjoy the wonderful engineering of Deutschland. Even the music for example is lyricless, and gives space for people to imagine, dance, and move however they wish.

Berlin Works. The people in Berlin have expectations for themselves and for others. They put in work from Mondays to Fridays. Friday and Saturdays are the days off. Sunday, all of the stores are closed. Work is separated from play. And Germans do both really hard. The German Consulate and government offices follow strict guidelines and rules that they believe and follow. Germans have a tendency to have stricter guidelines and rules. They abide by these rules and guidelines and tend to not allow people to break these guidelines. They like things to be done a certain way.

Berlin is humble. While I’ve been here, I’ve found a shop that had the glasses from Terminator, Lady Gaga, and Elton to name a few. This shop did not even label or directly tell us that these glasses were in the shop. Instead, we asked where the pair of glasses were from, and the shop keeper casually said that these glasses were from the Terminator 2. I was so surprised and excited. Berliners have a casual mindset. To most clubs, they dress casually and comfortably.

Berlin has spirit. Germans like fusball, or in American, soccer. At a soccer game, everyone is happy and enjoying the fun of the sport. At the stands, they enjoy quality beers and eat hot dogs that are extra long and delicious.

Berlin has Food. I have been thoroughly impressed with Germany’s food. The food that they eat is noticeably fresh, and they give big portions without charging too much for the food. Doners spots with rotating spits and vegetables populate the streets.

Berlin has cold. The cold weather of Berlin is long and many of the people of Berlin wish that there was more sun. Some days, it is hard to get a glimpse of sunlight. Around this time in March, the days are getting longer and the streets are getting nicer all the time.

(Image: A view of a Soccer Park, on a day with great weather. ; Source: Melvin)

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