The Art of Travel

Semester and Year  SPRING 2018
Course Number TRAVL-UG1200
Section 001
Instructor Steve Hutkins
Days  N/A
Time  N/A
Units 2.0
Level U
Foundation Requirement  N/A

This online course provides an opportunity for students studying abroad to reflect, analytically and creatively, on their travel experiences. We examine the art created by travelers — travel literature, photography, paintings — and consider how traveling can itself be viewed as an art, with its own conventions, styles, traditions, and opportunities for innovation. All of the course activities are conducted on the class website: students blog about their responses to the readings and their own travels, post photos, and comment on each other’s posts. Enrollment is limited to students studying at one of NYU’s study abroad sites. Reading assignments are individualized for the city and country of each study-abroad site, but some readings are for the whole class, including selections from Alain de Botton’s The Art of Travel.


Enrollment is restricted to students studying abroad at an NYU site.

  • 15 blog posts, approx. 600 words each.
  • 15 comments on other students’ blogs, approx. 100 words each.
  • Read two travel narratives or books about your abroad site.

The required required readings include two travel narrative or travel essay books about the place you’re studying, plus articles and other selections. Take a look at the suggested readings lists (on the sidebar) to help choose your two travel books. If you want to read a book not on the list, please get approval in advance.

Schedule of Topics
Feb. 1 1. Awakenings
Feb. 8 2. Getting oriented
Feb. 15 3. Communicating
Feb. 22 4. Politics
March 1 5. The Spirit of Place
March 8 6. First Book
March 15 7. Free Topic
March 22 8. Bubble
March 29 9. Troubles
April 5 10. The Art of Place
April 12 11. Second Book
April 19 12. Strangers
April 26 13. Free Topic
May 3 14. Tips
May 10 15. Farewells
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