Teufelsberg: Berlin’s Graffitied Ruin Is Perfect for Spy Lovers

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Daily Beast: Teufelsberg, in photos, is a tall shaft with a ribbed white vinyl covering stretching up several stories between two globes perched on a four-story concrete building looking out over a dense forest. Yes, you could say it looks phallic. In reality, these globes on the roof of a featureless building once shielded the antennas at the center of West Berlin’s Cold War espionage activities. Abandoned by Western military forces in 1992, the complex has become a giant indoor graffiti park, a very cool movie location, and a fascinating excursion for Berliners curious about the city’s espionage past.

It’s a rainy day and I am trudging up to the ominous “Devil’s Hill” in the Grunewald, a leafy forest covering 3,000 hectares in West Berlin. Hitler’s military planned to build a military staff college on the forest floor, but were distracted from the unfinished project after the war started; in 1945, the concrete foundations in the woods proved the perfect place to dispose of the rubble in the city and the ad hoc landfill became an earth-covered mountain 115 meters high.  Read more.

(Image: Teufelsberg: Berlin's Graffitied Ruin; Source: Daily Beast/Emily Manthei)

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