Recommendations for Florence, Mostly Where to Eat

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Firstly, leave extra space in your suitcase when you come, you will have bought more than you think you will. And even if your parents come and take away stuff, like mine did, you will find yourself debating which of our precious items you are going to throw away. Ciao to my red wind breaker that didn’t make the cut!

Try and do the touristy stuff either in February or in October. In the summer there are always has crazy lines for the Duomo, Uffizi, academia dell arte, etc. Closer to peak tourist season, if you are into art, find the museums that are more off the beaten path, or even up a hill like Villa Bardini!

Don’t go to space club or Yab other American oriented club. Even though I wont be the oly one to warn you, you’ll go anyways saying its probably not that bad. Then in less than 30 minutes you’ll be groped 5 times. Your friend just might loose their cover card and be threatened with a charge of 50 euros though they never had a drink. So you’ll all storm out the emergency exit to get swarmed by no joke 15 bouncers and drug back inside only to talk your way back out and given a free water. Which is a fun story to tell later and doesn’t sound that bad with the free water, but it trust me its not worth it. There are a couple cool clubs but almost all are oriented towards American tourist and study away studens. Go to jazz club and listen to live music, or hanger (super cool hippie kinda place with lots of locals), or there are a couple speak easys, or get appertivos!

It is incredibly easy to eat well just wandering in somewhere but if you don’t wanna risk a bad meal these are my reccomendations! Firstly you should try the traditional dishes like ribollita, Florentine steak, spritiz, etc. Mercato Centrale is a wonderland of food! The bottom is a good place for fresh produce and cool stuff like truffle oil, penis shaped pasta, and other italian products. Upstaris is an amazing food court with just about anything Italian you could want and a decent burger when you are missing home! Also the lower floor there is a vender with a huge line selling amazing sandwhiches and pastas for very cheap that’s been going since the 1800’s! Osteria Pastella (flaming wheels of cheese), Osteria Santa Spirito (get the truffle gnocchi small portion if you are alone, big one to share its super rich!), Il Pizzaiuolo (some of the best pizza my friends and I found and amazing tiramisu!), fishing lab (when you aren’t feeling as italian) or Ristorante Hokkaido Sushi (13 euros all u can eat sushi for lunch! Then to get back into the italian spirit hit up the gelateria next door>), Gelateria de Medici: Now there is a substantial debate going on who has the best gelato in Flo but this place is a game changer. They have HOLLOWED OUT GELATO FILLED FRUIT! The pear is probably the best one!; Buca Mario: the Florentine steak is great here but I honestly prefer the filet and the sage tortelloni. For a special occasion like when your parents are in town and they will pay for it; Gusta the pizza place with the famous heart shaped pizzas that are pretty good, which also has two sister restaurants one is paninis the other is the osteria which serves up amazing traditional Italian meals; La Menagere: less Italian flare more concept restaurant with kick ass aesthetics. I was here a lot to study since Im a flower freak the fact that this place has a flower store in it! But they also have great fancier dinner and live music in the basement on the weekends. Also la Menagere has the best spritz they practically put a whole fruit salad it! ; La Vespa Café: THE brunch place, Italians aren’t that into breakfast so this place has you covered. Its even got REAL American BACON, everything is amazing and its especially good when you are missing home a little bit. All’ Antico Vinaio this place is a trip advisor sensation. Expect to wait in line at least 20 minutes but 100% worth it!

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  1. Hey Delaney,

    I love that you took the liberty to write out a bunch of food recommendations. It’s something that seems kind of funny to do because there is so much to say in general when it comes to giving tips before studying abroad. But I could do the same for Paris and for cultures and countries where food is such a big part of the culture, it’s fun to have lots of options.

  2. Delaney,

    These tips are all so relevant! Coming home, I found myself having to leave behind so many things that realistically I did not need, but I was forced to rebuild my wardrobe when I got home having left behind some key items like my classic green jacket that was not particularly worth much but had a lot of sentimental value. It is particularly interesting how you were able to rip yourself away from the typical study abroad culture of going to trashy clubs and touristy restaurants! I will definitely take these tips into consideration next time I find myself in Florence! Especially the flower store/restaurant! That sounds like an amazing experience!



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