NYU Journalism Department Ends Relationship With NYU Abu Dhabi

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NYU Local: The Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute voted to discontinue its relationship with NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) following dissatisfaction with the United Arab Emirates denying work visas to journalism professor Mohamad Bazzi and politics professor Arang Keshavarzian, as well as NYU President Andrew Hamilton’s muted response to the situation.

The decision, declared in a letter sent to Hamilton on Thursday and provided to NYU Local Friday morning, comes after Bazzi and Keshavarzian were denied security clearance after being invited to teach at NYUAD. The two professors, both Shiites, claim they were denied visas due to their religious affiliations. Bazzi detailed his experience in a New York Times op-ed in September.

As Local reported in October, the Middle East and Islamic Studies Department (MEIS) called on Hamilton to address the issue after weeks of silence from the university following Bazzi’s op-ed. In turn, Hamilton responded in a letter the next day in which he called the UAE’s decision “very troubling.” However, he insisted that the global university framework has its challenges and that calls to eschew the Abu Dhabi campus were “premature.”

For Bazzi and Keshavarzian, this response was insufficient.

“The issue is not about our denial of entry into the UAE or UAE’s immigration policies,” Keshavarzian told Local last month. “It is about the response of the NYU administration, or, I should say, lack of response. Hamilton does not acknowledge the fact that we were denied entry to teach at NYU’s very own campus.”  Read more.

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