Not So Relaxed Weekend

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My Family has never been big on celebrating holidays. As far back as I can remember the only holidays we celebrated were all things that had to do with Christmas. So, when I went to the US, at a fresh 15 years old, thanksgiving wasn’t really relevant in my life, and I didn’t really think it would ever become relevant. However, once my sister joined me in America it made sense for my parents to come over to give us a mid semester visit. Not having any tradition surrounding thanksgiving at the time, we just saw it as a good opportunity to be together for a week and to go eat at a fancy restaurant on thanksgiving day. Interestingly, this tradition has survived to this day and my parents still visit us for the occasion. It’s even become enough of a tradition, so that my parents made the trek out to Sydney this year.

While I didn’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving itself, because I had to pre-study for an exam in order to be able to maintain my grades while spending as much time with my mom and dad as possible, I did have a wonderful time with my parents. I didn’t really mind missing out on some of the student festivities because, as I have gotten older, I realized that the amount of time I get to spend with my parents keeps shrinking as my responsibilities start to pile up year after year. It does seem like everyone celebrated thanksgiving the American way with lots of home cooked food and communal eating. While all of that was going on I am glad that I opted to do some schoolwork, because it did take some stress off of the weekend that was ahead. My dad had planned a pretty extensive schedule for himself, my mom and me. On Friday we were scheduled to eat breakfast at their hotel, which was basically the first time I had seen either of them since the semester started, so that was a great moment. That same evening we were again scheduled to eat together with two of my dad’s old Sydney friends at the Quay restaurant, which offered a beautiful view of the Sydney Opera House. Saturday was a little more relaxed in terms of scheduling, so I got a lot of my work done before I joined my parents to go watch the Australian Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty. The performance was good, but nothing spectacular, with the exception of the principal dancer David Hallberg, who displayed one of the best stage presences I have witness to date.

On Monday my parents had planned a trip to Tasmania to visit the Mona museum, which is a museum for alternative art of sorts. The trip was planned as an overnight stay on the museum grounds, which featured a cafe, wine bar, small hotel, the museum and an outdoor work by James Turrell. The museum itself wasn’t really my cup of tea, but the light show by James Turrell was very interesting. It is set-up as a white roof with a rectangular hole in the middle. Once the sun starts to set, light is projected onto the roof, which then changes the color of the sky in the middle of the it. The whole experience was very serene and lasted for about an hour. In the end the trip was definitely worth it because of the light show, which was also the main reason we had planned this trip in the first place.


  1. Hi Flurin!

    My parents also came to visit me for Thanksgiving break as well! We went to Guilin and though the weather was rainy, I’m glad I had the chance to spend time with them. While they were in Shanghai, I had too much schoolwork to really show them around and that’s something I regret. I agree with you when you say that the older we get, the less time we have to spend with them since our responsibilities pile up :/ For this reason, I’m glad to be seeing them at home for winter break and hope that you will see your parents again as well!

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