New Regulations Mean Rude Shanghai Taxi Drivers Can Be Fined

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Shanghai Expat: Shanghai’s public transport department have introduced new regulations for taxi drivers in the ‘Hai in an effort to improve the city’s taxi industry. Drivers that are impolite and rude will be fined 200 yuan, (which equates to around 99% of cab drivers here).

Other guidelines were posted on the department’s official WeChat account yesterday, which include requiring vehicles to be clean inside and out and having air conditioning. Any driver with a vehicle that is deemed unfit will be fined up to 2,000 yuan. Apart from requiring them to be polite, drivers will also need to wear a smart standardised uniform sometime in the future. Existing rules such as displaying their license and company details along with having an accurate fare calculator will continue to be enforced.

With over 60,000 operating taxis in the city, along with many unlicensed illegal rides, authorities have had trouble keeping them all in line. The new guidelines aim to “improve service quality” and “strengthen law enforcement” in the taxi industry for the city. Read more.

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