In Chinatown, Gentrification Drives Out Tradition

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New York’s Chinatown is the largest in the United States, home to over 150,000 residents. Since the mid-1850’s, it has attracted many Chinese immigrants, who have successfully built a community in which the traditional Chinese culture and ideals are strongly present.I love Chinatown because of the cheap authentic meals and lively markets stocked with specialty foods that remind me of my hometown of Taipei, Taiwan; however, Chinatown’s Chinese population has been rapidly diminishing, dropping more than 17% in the past 15 years. Because of the surging housing prices, most newcomers from China are choosing to settle in areas like Flushing and Brooklyn. Family-owned stores and restaurants are shutting down, leaving behind empty storefronts that are are being replaced by non-native restaurants, pop-up galleries, and experimental shops. Read more: In Chinatown, Gentrification Drives Out Tradition – NYU Local

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