Goodbye for Now, But Not for Forever

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I do not want to say goodbye to Florence yet. I have very mixed feelings of being both sad and excited to leave. I am not sure if that has to do with leaving my friends, the campus, or the city itself. I have gotten used to seeing my friends every single day and everyone knowing each other here. I know it will be so different in New York and I am worried about the change. The closer finals get the more I want to leave, but that has more to do with wanting the semester to be over than wanting to leave Florence. I have been here for 4 months now and it has become a home for me. The thought of not being able to watch movies with my friends every night makes me sad, I miss it already. I don’t want to leave for fear I will lose the comfort I have found here and I know when I come back it will be entirely different, I want it to stay the same and I know that’s impossible.

I would like to keep coming back frequently, but I know that may not be plausible. It doesn’t even feel like I am here to go to school, it just feels like I am living here and on vacation. I will definitely miss the traveling and being able to experience new places and new things. Europe is amazing to me I don’t want to leave yet. I have learned so much including how to be more of an adult here. I got more independent as I learned how to cook, how to budget my money, and how to do things alone. Being away from close family and friends was hard, but I also learned so much about myself and what it is like to be on my own.

I am the most excited to go home for chipotle and In n out. If I haven’t mentioned it before Florence is lacking in having a variety of food options, which means I am already planning a list of restaurants I need to eat at once I am back at home. The food I will miss the most from Florence is gelato, it is just not the same in the states. I am also very excited to see my family and my dogs, 4 months is a long time and I do miss them a lot. I am worried about driving once I am home. I feel like I won’t remember how to drive after 4 months and I will be horrible at it, especially after watching the horrific taxi drivers here. I do miss driving, but I think I will go back into it as slow as possible. Another thing I want to do in the future is to travel with my brothers and my family. We have never had a full family vacation and whether its to somewhere close or somewhere really far in Europe it is definitely something I want to do now that I have had more experience traveling.

One of my favorite things to do is going to the movies and even with the Odeon theater in Florence, I cannot wait until I am able to go to the movies whenever I want. My other favorite place at home is Disneyland. I have an annual pass and the holidays are my favorite time to go because of all the decorations, and it is a great way to spend time with my family. I’ve realized from being abroad that when I am at home or in New York I don’t take advantage of my free time or weekends. I have never been to other parts of California including San Jose and Yosemite Park. While in Europe we took weekend and day trips all the time and I think that is something I will take home with me. We can travel anywhere in the US and yet we don’t take advantage of how close we are to some amazing places. I can’t wait to keep traveling and keep getting better at it.

The Study Abroad experience for me has had its up and downs. It has been stressful at times and yet the experiences I have had here I will never forget. I will never forget the friends I have made and some of the amazing professors who have truly helped me to improve as a student.

In Conclusion, I just want to share that I have reached my goal of being able to hold a conversation in Italian. Good luck to all you travelers. It has been fun, Goodbye! Ciao!

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(Image: front of duomo; Source: eryn)


  1. Hi Eryn! I really enjoyed your final blog post. As a fellow Californian, I related to so many of your comments and thoughts, especially about the cravings for In n Out. I’m from Irvine in California and if you don’t already know, many people call it the Irvine Bubble because of how secluded it seems even from the rest of California. Like you, I too haven’t explored much of California outside my general area and that’s something I’ve quickly learn to regret through my time at NYU for the past three semesters. As much as you don’t want to leave Florence, I want to say that it will always be there for you so you can return whenever you like in the future.

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