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When I first heard of geocaching, it was described to me as a “treasure hunt for adults.” Being an avid fan of treasure and scavenger hunts as a kid, I downloaded a free geocaching app and went to find my first cache in Central Park.The basic rules of geocaching are pretty simple. Each quest is ranked by difficulty, terrain, and size, accompanied by a brief factual description of the area and a posting of the geographical coordinates where the cache is hidden. Each container holds little trinkets from previous discoverers, and the rule for taking one of these knicknacks is to leave something of equal or greater value….

I found that I became more aware of my surroundings when I was on my quest. Ironically, I was connected to my surroundings by the very thing that usually detaches me, my cell phone. It was an interesting dynamic, using my mobile to guide me to something that was hidden in the real world.

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