“Genius Loci” in Santa Croce complex, Florence, Sept. 20-22

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The Florentine: Let the spirit of Santa Croce sink in over this three-day event hosted by Controradio. “Genius Loci” refers to the soul of a place—and what place has a more distinct one than the Temple of Italian Glories? Organized in two marathon sessions (6pm-midnight September 20 and 21) and one shorter spurt (6-7.30am September 22), the event explores the relationships among art, architecture and artists by hosting poetry, music and theatre performances and examining how the environment affects their impact. Participating artists are Terry Riley, Cristina Donà, Area, Paolo Giordano, Tiziano Scarpa and Debora Petrina, Marion D’Amburgo and Sergio Givone. For more information, see www.controradio.it.

(Image: Santa Croce ; Source: The Florentine)

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