Everyone in Florence is an artist

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Florence was the home for many well-known and highly regarded artists during the Renaissance period. Florence is popular today mainly because it is the home to art from some of the best artists that ever lived. These artists include Michelangelo, Botticelli, Da Vinci and many more. The number of museums in Florence with amazing art is never ending. The Uffizi museum is most known for its famous works by Botticelli such as The Birth of Venus and Primavera, plus many more. The Uffizi also holds the only finished Michelangelo painting to survive the Doni Tondo. If you enter any museum in Italy there will be something well known to look at, the only downside is many of the museums here can be expensive for a student especially if you want to visit as many as possible. This is helped however by allowing free entry to any museums in Florence on the first Sunday of every month, if a person is willing to wait in line.

I have tried to go to at least one museum in every city I have visited in Europe. One of the things that stands out to me the most is how some of the most popular artists work is spread out over many countries and is often not in the Country the artist is from. In order to see one of Da Vinci’s most known paintings I had to go to the Louvre in Paris instead of a museum in Florence which was Da Vinci’s home. The art throughout Italy is mainly by Italian artists, but in other countries the art people go to see are often by artists not from that country which is also true in the US.

I like that in Florence there are Botticelli’s available to see here, because he is an Italian artist giving his idea of what Italy looked like from his artistic and fantastical view. I can go to Rome and see the beautifully painted Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo and see how Italian culture affected his art. I live a minute away from the Accademia museum where Michelangelo’s David is held, and I am able to admire a true Florentine artist. The culture of Florence in every way is embodied by art, now it is street art, but during the renaissance the number of talented artists in Florence was astounding.

The one thing I do not like about going to a museum is that even though people go to see the art. They usually only look at the piece through their cellphone. In the Uffizi there were so many tour groups that it was hard to get through to see any of the Botticelli paintings. The only reason everyone was trying to get close to the picture was not to just see it, but to take a picture of it. No one goes to a museum anymore to just admire the art and see whatever the artist is trying to present, often times they go to show proof they’ve seen a famous art piece. We all can be guilty of this and it is a corruption from social media. I often wonder who actually wants to learn more about the art and appreciates it and who just came because they were told they had to see it.

In Italy the biggest things to see are art and that makes it is one of the most important things in Florence. Without these masterpieces that bring in millions of tourists I wonder what Florence would like today. The artisans like Da Vinci helped make Florence what it is today, they put it into the world view and it has not been the same since. They say the renaissance was a time of enlightenment and it couldn’t be truer than in Italy. As a city built by art and artists Florence will always be relevant as long as they hold the master pieces by some of the most famous and well-known artists worldwide. These artists all loved Florence and they took pride in their home. Through their pieces it is interesting to be able to see why that is, and also nice to be able to experience it in the city they loved so dearly, Firenze.

(Image: The birth of Venus by Botticelli in the Uffizi; Source: eryn )


  1. Hi Eryn! I’m jealous you’re in Florence, and you’re able to see a lot of works from the Renaissance Period. The Renaissance Period is one of my favorite time periods! It’s unfortunate that some museums may be too expensive, but hey, at least you have the first Sunday of every month. I agree that it’s infuriating when people pay more attention trying to capture the art on their phone rather than admiring the original work right in front of them.

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