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I wake up to strange cawing. It is warm and slightly humid, so I kick off the thick comforter and turn on the AC, as I listen to this foreign bird call. No twittering or cheeping, this bird sounds like a mix of a baby crying, a cat, and a horn. But it is not unpleasant. Within in a minute, I am nicely chilled and ready to slip back under my too-heavy-for-summer-but-the-only-blanket-provided-comforter. I wonder what everyone else I know is doing. My twin, traveling on another continent. My parents working and going about their normal lives, hopefully content. The people I have befriended here, some a few floors above, some a few floors below. All on their own schedules. What will their day be like?

The sun streams in-another impeccable summer day-and my $1 Daiso wind chime clinks inelegantly. Through the window I can see tanned twenty-somethings sitting and chatting on their patios in the building across from my dorm. When I look to the left I can see more young people sitting outside, enjoying a smoke or some breakfast. They look peaceful and only mildly preoccupied with their daily lives, either unaware or unconcerned by they fact that they are in full view of an entire building of residents. I peer into their lives for a few minutes, soothed by their apparent calm. Then I get up and wash my face.

Homework or school, fills the majority of my time, and a longing to be outside doing something physical and memorable in this Australian summer sun fills my heart. Stuck in my dorm room fighting through page after page of physics/orgo/whatever, the sounds of human bustle outside are impossibly alluring. One day I might have no homework to weigh on my conscience and I’ll go out and just not worry about responsibilities, but it is not this day. Today, I work.

It could be Monday or Friday or Sunday, I usually can be found in class or my room slogging through my academics. But interspersed throughout the week are little bright moments that will become my fond memories of my time in Australia. I cook a full dinner with friends, and we eat it together. We spend an hour or two sprawled across the couch watching some T.V. show. I spend a lovely few hours lost in the kitchen baking something sweet that others will later enjoy. I take a break from studying for my Organic Chemistry exam to go out in the full heat of the Australian sun, walk through the small but beautiful, happy looking suburbs to play tennis for an hour. Or maybe we have a bigger adventure planned and go to Bondi Beach before dawn and watch the sunrise. We sit at a café by the shore and order brunch. Above all these days are almost perpetually pleasant skies, with calm, healthy locals walking around, encouraging me to de-stress and enjoy me fleeting time here. I may often regret not having more time to ‘see Sydney/Australia’, but this is the reality. The best I can do is enjoy what I have now.


  1. Hi, Avanty! When you say that you are wondering about what everyone around the world is doing, I completely see that. I am constantly wondering what my friends are doing back home along with those who are in Manhattan, studying at our normal campus. As I walk around Prague, I compare it to walking around in Manhattan. I juxtapose the speeds at which people walk between the two cities, along with how friendly they are (since the common consensus is that New Yorkers are not that friendly). I find myself thinking a lot about things back in the states and my family. Great post!

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