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‘It Happened One Night’

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Julian Gonzalez1 Comment

Classic cinema never ceases to amaze, in that there is plenty that was done then that now is untouchable. ‘It Happened One Night’ is chock-full of scenes that have been referenced or parodied for decades since. It has many plot similarities with the Audrey Hepburn classic ‘Roman Holiday’, not the least because it circles around a wealthy young lady who …

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Sullivan’s Travels

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Graydon FeinsteinLeave a Comment

I decided to watch Preston Sturges’s 1941 film, Sullivan’s Travels. It is about a Hollywood director who becomes a bum to learn about the struggles of man, especially during the depression, so that he can make a movie about it. Through some extraordinary events, he learns about the importance of comedies when you’ve lost everything. Sometimes laughing is all people …

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Daily Crumbs

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Francesca1 Comment

King Vidor’s Our Daily Bread depicts a cheery, optimistic couple, who decide to move to a farm to make their living off the land after being hit by the hardships of the Great Depression. Director Video, an innovative filmmaker of the time, uses Our Daily Bread as an extension of his classic silent film The Crowd. Utilizing the same lead characters, Vidor builds …

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Sullen Landscapes

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by cLeave a Comment

Watching Ironweed was a strange experience. The characters being portrayed seem very distant not only to themselves but also to the screen. The very opening of Ironweed evokes a jarring sort of juxtaposition. After the opening credits, there is a scene where what is seen at first on screen is the blue sky, some birds flying off off-screen; and the camera …

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Background Noise

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Karishma Sonde2 Comments

When watching It Happened One Night, the movie itself didn’t strike me as much as what appeared to be happening in the background. Did the old woman who bought Ellie’s bus ticket need that money that Ellie paid her? Were the people on the bus singing out of joy or to distract themselves from the Depression? Did the person who stole Ellie’s …

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Everywhere But Home

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Richard1 Comment

A few things stuck out in The Coen Brother’s “O Brother, Where Art Thou” regarding what we’ve been discussing so far this semester. First, and the most impactful, was the lack of a specific setting or local in the film. Usually there’s a place the film and that the characters in it can call home. But in this film there …

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Collectivity’s hard, but not in ‘Our Daily Bread’

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by EllisLeave a Comment

A rent collector knocks on the door, and so begins the fight against private property, individualism and capitalist organization in ‘Our Daily Bread’ (1934). The movie follows a young couple who are unable to pay there bills or find work because of the overwhelming unemployment of the Great Depression. When the wife’s uncle comes to visit, he doesn’t offer the …

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O Brother Where Art Thou

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Thomas Schermerhorn1 Comment

  Sullivan’s Travels is a comedy movie from 1941. It was written and directed by Preston Sturges. The story follows Hollywood director John Sullivan. Sullivan is famous for directing comedies, but he wants to direct a great big drama now (the unmade movie is called, “O Brother, Where Art Thou”. For inspiration, he disguises himself as a hobo and intends …

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The Best Medicine

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by John Carpentier1 Comment

Preston Sturge’s 1942 film Sullivan’s Travels is one that I’ve respected for a long time because of the moral it presents: that comedy and laughter aren’t just cheap entertainment, they’re a fundamental element of the human experience, and often our best coping mechanism. The film itself also acts as an example of this moral, as it is a comedy that …

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In Hoover We Trusted, Now We’re Busted

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Mark Joy1 Comment

The PBS documentary mini-series, The Great Depression (1993), uses newsreels, archival photographs and footage, Hollywood films, and eyewitness accounts to re-create the time, just prior to the Depression and right before the beginning of World War II. Episode 1 of the mini-series focuses on Henry Ford’s ascension, his Detroit industrial factory plant, The Rogue, as well as the effect it …

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A Plumber’s Daughter

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Nancee1 Comment

It Happened One Night has been a long-time favorite of mine. If not for the comedic storytelling, then mostly for Clark Gable and his devilish good looks. However, while watching the movie with a different perspective in mind, I found a much more interesting narrative going on than just what is on the surface. It is obviously a funny, romantic …

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Wild Boys

In The Travel Habit Fall 2014, Movies by Monica1 Comment

Wild Boys of the Road, though made during and based on the depression, demonstrates a utopian, almost pure kind of representation of kids during the era. Eddie, an affluent young adolescent is best friends with Tommy, a working class adolescent who lives with his mother as his father has passed. When Eddie’s father loses his job, Eddie is immediately affected …