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A Sense of Place Sells

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by NatassjaLeave a Comment

A sense of place and the spirit of a place are closely intertwined. Often the spirit of a place is the basis of the sense of place. Society, even if not always consciously aware, cares a great deal about places having a sense of place. Historically, the spirit of a place has been very important in some of the most …

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Spirit of Mountain Lodge

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Dannie GiglevitchLeave a Comment

The neighborhood that I grew up in is peculiar in certain ways. It definitely has a spirit of its own—perhaps one that it too loud. I grew up in Blooming Grove, NY in a neighborhood called Mountain Lodge. It’s split up into two sides: Glenwood Hills and Mountain Lodge itself. Neither Glenwood Hills or Mountain Lodge have particularly good reputations. …

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Spirit Sweat

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Tony2 Comments

Many of people at NYU don’t know this, but I am an indoor cycling instructor at SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a boutique fitness studio that somewhat pioneered high-end fitness. It a 45-minute indoor cycling class in a room lit by candle light with bikes that have no numbers and heart rate monitors. Their mission states: “Our mission is to bring Soul …

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Library As Church

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Sara Nuta3 Comments

I am not religious but there is something spiritual about libraries. There’s a certain sanctity that comes with thousands upon thousands of books carefully organized into one public space layered in quiet. My relationship with Bobst, however, was a rocky one. As an unassuming freshman, I initially envisioned myself as a Rory Gilmore type—curling up in the library with coffee …

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Oui Chef!

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Mao2 Comments

6:00 am |  I woke up among the morning mist in the 11th arrondissement in Paris 6:30 am |  I organized my recipes from the demonstrations at school and packed my knife bag 7:00 am |  I hurried to the metro station Gare de l’Est and hopped on line 4, reading my notes from kitchen practice yesterday and recalling lessons …

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A Taste of the Big Apple

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by YouMeLeave a Comment

Times Square is known for being the melting pot where different people and different cultures all merge in a single site. It always fascinates me no matter who you are or how different you are, walking through Times Square makes you blend right in with all the hundreds of thousands people. The place is filled with things you would normally …

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Secret Life of Redwoods

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Rachel Stern1 Comment

I was too young to understand the first time I visited a redwood forest. I spent my time searching for banana slugs, and not minding the immense ancient trees around me. It was only when I returned to the forest when I was older that I felt the spirit of the place. It hit me the minute I stepped out …

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Aquatic Recreation

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by SheaLeave a Comment

Aquatic center has a ring to it. It does something city pool just cannot. Make no mistake though, the Newburgh Aquatic Center is a city pool. As such, there were all that was to be expected of a city pool: dollar admission, crappy facilities, lifeguards in red tank tops, etc. That last part is where I came in, and my …

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A Spirit among Spirits

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Jonathan3 Comments

What gives a bar a “type”? What is it that makes our favorite liquor-licensed establishments “divey”, “seedy”, “upscale”, or even “craft”—what gives a bar its “spirit”? It’s Thursday night. Thousands of New Yorkers are leaving their Village offices, dorm rooms, and apartments, some already drunk, and others excited to be. Pick your poison. Where do you go? If you are …

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In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Alexandra G2 Comments

It was paved over just this summer. Up until now, it was desert like: rusty colored sand that lifted into the cool but hot-at-the-same-time air with every step and every car that dipped into and struggled out of every pot hole. Actually, it was more like dust than sand. And the potholes were eventually filled with pebbles before the asphalt …

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The Ancient Spirit in a Modern Space

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Lauren P3 Comments

I grew up going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whenever I walk in, it feels like a cathedral courthouse hybrid. Meant to stand tall as an authority, it houses arts of all variety across time and geography. The grand gallery, with its towering ceilings, echoes and bounces sound in a soft comforting tone. Always, large fresh flower arrangements sit, …

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Music & Fine Art

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Erik Arsovski1 Comment

When I first approached this idea of “Spirit of Place”, Music and Art immediately came to mind. For in both categories of expression, the artist attempts to set up a dialogue between a concept and the audience within a particular realm of perception. The realm is either a physical construction, as with installation, or an ethereal experience and sense of …

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Fighting for Relevance

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Young2 Comments

New York has an unique fight culture. Historically, NY fight culture heavily revolved around boxing–New York Golden Gloves, Ali vs. Frazier I in Madison Square Garden, and Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn are central events, moments, and places in boxing’s history. Recently, combat sports in the city has expanded to Muay Thai (Coban’s, Sitan’s, The Wat), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Marcelo Garcia, …