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Status Through Geotag

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Sara NutaLeave a Comment

It is no longer sufficient to go somewhere to enjoy the experience of the place. Now, every location is commodified and turned into a means of connecting (bragging) to others and sharing where you are. Whereas it was once enough to be seen at an esteemed place, now it must be shared and actively told to others. If you go …

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Technology & Theatre Design

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Mao4 Comments

Theatre box is a unique place for storytellers to create scenes and acts that draws the audience’s attention. To some extent, the stage design has to be dramatic or captivating to support the stories to be told and make the audience enjoy and believe it. In this post, I will talk about my personal experiences of witnessing how technology enhances …

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Internet: an Equalizer of Places

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Jonathan1 Comment

You can access the Internet from virtually anywhere. As the number of online services grow and Internet users become increasingly dependent on the World Wide Web in everyday function, the value of a place depends less and less on the unique resources available in the area, but more on the accessibility of resources through the Internet—the same resources that can be used …

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Code Black

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by YouMe3 Comments

For all the drone fans, Code Black has officially hit the market. Code Black is a palm-size drone that can fly around the sky and capture some serious HD pictures and video footage from up above. The quadcopter has a sleek and innovative design with its 6-axis flight control system. It’s meant to be user-friendly and a stable flight time …

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Just Get Uber!

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Alexandra G4 Comments

I never used Uber until I moved to New York. When I first arrived, I even thought the idea of Uber in this city was almost pointless seeing as bright yellow taxi-cabs completely congest the streets. If I needed a cab, I’d have no trouble getting one, I thought. Although I walk or take the subway most of the time, …

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Musical Places

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Rachel Stern2 Comments

For me, music is very connected to place. Certain music makes sense in certain places, often because it was created in a similar space or mindset to the one that that particular space provides me with. For example, there’s a band, Sun Kil Moon, that I had discovered in New York. However, I only really got into their music when …

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Smart Home, Security, and a Sense of Place

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by ABC3 Comments

When thinking of smart homes, one can think about the Disney Channel movie, Smart House. While the movie premiered in 1999, the film seemed to feature the future of homes. In terms of construction and planning to build a home, one can consider aspects such as having a bigger or smaller space that may make a difference depending on the …

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Searching for Feeling

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Erik Arsovski1 Comment

Recently corporate sponsored “experiences” have been popping up all over New York City. In a current independent study, I am researching and observing the effect fine art has on branding. One of the most popular branding tools today is a short term, pop-up shop or experience designed to garner interest in a brand. The exploration of sound, visual images, and …

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In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Olivia4 Comments

A lot has been written about the emerging significance of identity politics in the last few years. I’m gonna try and join that chorus right now. A lot of what’s been written is heavily critical. Some have noticed how this re-shaping has the power to thrust the economy in a new and eager direction. I’m going to try and stay …

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Knowing What You Want

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Young1 Comment

Like many fans of Netflix’s immensely popular series House of Cards, I binged the new season the moment it was released. The drama, which follows the political movings of an America on a parallel timeline to our own, grapples with many of the issues that this country deals with today. One of the tools that play a prominent role is …

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New Tech New Art

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Tony4 Comments

As a group of girls strike a pose for a friend holding an iPhone, one yells, “Do I look artsy and cute?..Post it on Instagram!” Noting that the girls never stopped for more than several seconds to look at the piece, I was struck by the notion that they were more interested in having others think that they had witnessed …

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The Internet As Place Through Video Games

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Thomas TLeave a Comment

I would like to begin my post with a quote I found for this weeks reading from Kazys Varnelis’, Place: The Networking of Public Space, “All places are non-places for those who have not accumulated lived experience within them. Nevertheless, our era is increasingly dominated by non-place, our existence doomed to solitude.” To be completely honest, when reading the prompt …