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Las Vegas and the Appeal of Kitsch

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Sara Nuta1 Comment

Edward Relph’s Place and Placelessness discusses the geographical phenomenon of placeless landscapes. Relph argues that the inauthentic attitude of placelessness is the result of modern technology and communication. If authenticity is characterized by an openness and awareness of the human condition, inauthenticity is understood to mean an artificial, stereotyped, dishonest experience. In this piece, Relph is critical of kitsch which he …

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Hospital Rooms

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by YouMe1 Comment

There are endless reasons why people detest staying at a hospital, from terrifying thoughts to uncomfortable beds that makes you stay up all night, a hospital is one of the few places one can rest their head and be fed in bed around the clock and still feel like a prisoner. Last year, I had appendicitis and received an emergency …

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NY but are U?

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Shea2 Comments

New York University doesn’t necessarily have the strongest sense of place. Many times however, this description is used to describe how NYU feels disjointed because of where its located or because of its student body, etc. Much of what I have heard concerning NYU’s placelessness does not preoccupy itself with our international student population or study abroad programs, though this is …

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Art Makes Subway A Place

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Mao2 Comments

Subway stations are probably the most common public spaces that we all have experienced in our life. Especially for us who live in the city, we use the subway as our means of commute to school, work or explore the city. In often times, subway stations lack a certain character to themselves, especially those built in recent years–they all use …

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The Non-Home

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Young2 Comments

My freshman year dorm was bubbling with inauthenticity. This phenomenon was particularly prevalent during Welcome Week, where it seemed like every member of the community–fellow freshmen, administration, parents–was enthused with our school and the fostering of a community than at any other given time. Voices were louder and higher, handshakes were firm and frequent, and there was an energy dedicated …

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Middle of Michigan

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Erik Arsovski1 Comment

The road from Chicago to Detroit is littered with campsites, trailer parks, and small towns that never seem to end. The small towns are the most dastardly intriguing stops one makes on the 5 hour trip. No one in their right mind would ever be so intrigued as to move to, or settle in one of the small mass-produced towns, …

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Not for the Coffee

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by TonyLeave a Comment

On the contrary, independent coffee shops offer their idiosyncratic crowded, vibe, and decor. Many New Yorkers like the idea of “local coffee shop”. It’s “our” spot. They know our orders and us. We are attracted to the personal nature of the uniquely designed decor. It is the personal essence of these shops that keeps them is business, and it is …

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In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Olivia1 Comment

Placelessness is borne, according of Edward Relph, out of standardization, replication, multiplying. Lots of large corporations of all types — food, lodging, whatever — predicate the production of their physical locations as being identical to all of its predecessors.When you walk into any store of X or Y chain in any part of the world, you’re supposed to have the …

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The Restroom

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Sam Thornton2 Comments

The placeless places in the world have always connected together for me. When I’m in one specific chain business and I go to a different location of the same store, I feel like I could be in either location. This placeless feeling is an odd but comforting feeling. The understanding that I might know my way around one place because …

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The Refugee Camp: Transitory Non-Place

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Natassja1 Comment

On the eastern Kenyan border, in the inhospitable landscape of northern Kenya’s desolate desert, is situated Dadaab, the largest refugee camp in the world. This place is situated in isolation, hundreds of miles away from the nearest settlement. Amongst the rugged landscape devoid of much else outside of thorn bushes, more than 330,000 people live in homes made of mud, …

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Chained to Choice

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by ABC1 Comment

In Edward Relph’s Place and Placelessness, Relph lists “uniformity and standardization in places” as features of placeless places. However, one may value a so-called placeless place such as a chain store, as someone can recognize the store, go into the store, and have a sense of comfort in the hopeful reliability of the product or service based on experiences at other …

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Devolved Uniformity

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Zac Varieur2 Comments

Intrinsically, the discussion around placessness is itself a discussion of the value of a place to a specific group of people. What are often cited as places having a very good sense of place are the European streets and plazas, small American parks that were developed very naturally and therefore must represent the people and be more accessible to the …

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Refusing to roam in Rome

In A Sense of Place, Placelessness by Thomas T2 Comments

While I was in Florence, I was fortunate enough to travel to many different places in Europe, which allowed me to view my time in Florence with a more experienced eye. I have never traveled outside of the United States before hand minus visiting the Dominican Republic, so while I enjoyed my time in Italy immensely, I was not sure …