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Paths and Predictability

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by ABC1 Comment

Warning: This post contains puns about paths. Reader discretion advised. In my attempts to navigate my way to school, I would quip how I seemed to have no sense of direction, on the streets or in life. Still, I relied on certain landmarks, such as the Freedom Tower to orient myself, so I would at least know that I was …

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Be Open to the Journey

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by YouMeLeave a Comment

Although I was born in the city, I lived in Florida for several years prior to returning back to New York. I cannot remember how many times I’ve gotten lost here, even thought I have walked a myriad of places, so much so It would escape me to even give an approximation of the number of times. I prior believed …

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Subway Map Orienteering

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Shea3 Comments

When I first moved to New York City, I had been here previously, but I had retained no real sense of the grid or the city layout. Out of necessity I consulted the NYU campus map to get an I.D. and go to class, but soon enough further travel was warranted and I had to grasp the larger picture of …

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The Dérive Vs. The Flâneur

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Sara Nuta2 Comments

To drift is not to aimlessly walk around, but rather, to let the components of the city naturally guide you in an uninhibited way through the metropolis. “Dérive,” Guy Debord explains, “[is] a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances,” that, “involve playful-constructive behavior and awareness of psychogeographical effects, and are thus quite different from the classic notions of journey …

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Blackhawks Blizzard

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Erik ArsovskiLeave a Comment

Forty minutes have past in regulation time, and it is now time to venture into the blizzard to pick up my Chinese food during intermission. The Chicago Blackhawks are tied with the Boston Bruins, three to three. I cannot afford to miss a second of this very important end-of-season game. I quickly dress for the tundra and set forth on …

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The Sphere

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Tony2 Comments

Eastern sun light cracked through the stoic towers of Manhattan’s financial district during my Sunday morning run. It was January of 2014. Accompanied my fellow warriors of the cold, we battled the winds in our bourgeois running gear. It was my first run in New York City and I  succumbed to the bitter winds, began to walk, and noticed the …

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All Is Not Lost

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Rachel Stern3 Comments

Two things are necessary to be lost: time and a place you’re trying to get to. Time creates constraints, meaning that you feel that you have to find your way within a certain time frame. The destination you’re attempting to find is also a constraint; if you didn’t have a specific place in mind, you might not be lost. Instead …

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Navigating in New York VS. Paris

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by MaoLeave a Comment

New York Manhattan looks like an elongated rectangle floating on and sandwiched by Hudson River and East River. Good it is also a vertical city with iconic landmarks or famous architecture such as Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. Whenever I am in the city and trying to get back home, I think uptown or downtown, just as the subway …

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Where’s The Green Globe?

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Lauren PLeave a Comment

I interviewed a fellow New York friend about her view of our hometown. The following is the transcript. LP: Which NYC area do you consider the easiest to navigate (by foot, car, bike etc.), and why? NE: Midtown West because I spent a lot of time in that area for work, gym, so many things… for social and professional activities. …

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J’Étais Perdu

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Zac VarieurLeave a Comment

I remember landing. I remember grabbing a taxi into the city, walking by hecklers whispering “­tu cherches un taxi?” I remember realizing that I was in a new city, in a new country, on a new continent, and I cannot begin to explain how disoriented I felt. Every time I’d traveled in The States I’d always felt pretty comfortable knowing …

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In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Alexandra G2 Comments

Florence, the capital of the famous Italian region of Tuscany, is a city that is known for many different art pieces, architecture, and views. Il Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens, La Galleria degli Uffizi, La Galleria dell’Accademia (particularly Michelangelo’s David), and shopping, to name just a few, are iconic Firenze things. Brunelleschi’s Duomo, or the …

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In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Olivia1 Comment

I’ve been thinking about the process of acclimation, the internal shift, that happens after you move somewhere new, between your first few weeks and a few months in. When you first get there you don’t have a map in your head at all. You have to check your phone and the street signs and the big landmarks like parks and …

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Lost and Found

In A Sense of Place, Orientation by Sam Thornton1 Comment

I think I inherited my dad’s sense of direction. He always seemed to know the way (along with five other ways) to get to whatever destination we were headed towards. It seemed amazing to me especially during a time before but heading towards the Google Maps era (the time of printed MapQuest lists). It was if he had downloaded the …