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In 4. Genius Loci, The Art of Travel, Paris by Amy1 Comment

The sartorial expressions of a group of people surely make a statement about the culture in which they live. Style can be an indicator of a subculture, like the Teddy Boys in England during the 60’s. Anthropologically speaking, the politics of dress, music, and the other categories that fall under the overarching term ‘culture’, show an interplay of symbols and …

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Foreign Familiarity

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris by Saransh1 Comment

Unsurprisingly, knowing French while living in France has proven to be extraordinarily convenient in a practical sense. Furthermore, honing an understanding of the language has provided me with a comforting sense of emotional familiarity and belonging, a privilege that I did not expect to enjoy so quickly. For years, my relationship with the language was confined to classroom settings. Having …

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Stumbling Along…

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris, Places by Jaxx1 Comment

I love Reid’s quote about watchful silence because that is the best way I can describe my actions in Paris thus far. I have studied French for a few years and can stumble along, using my hands to help form my words. I find that, for the most part, I communicate effectively, getting that cup of milk or the bill …

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Quietude in Normandy

In 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel, Paris by Saransh1 Comment

As a Los Angeles native and a New York City resident, I am able to derive a certain level of comfort from key aspects of contemporary urban planning, including those outlined by Kevin Lynch. In metropolitan spaces, I wield the longstanding capacity to use landmarks as frames of reference; Paris, notably, is home to the globally unmistakable Eiffel tower, whose …

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Politics of the French Language

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris by Amy1 Comment

As a linguistics major, the topic of this week’s assignment delighted me. I have a lot of opinions on the status of “national languages,” and the linguistic superiority and prejudice rooted within this idea. It is often ingrained in U.S. culture that English is a language of superiority, with the rise of the “English-only” movement which stresses nationalism, in the …

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New City Quirks

In 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel, Paris by Amy1 Comment

It is curious to think that before I arrived in Paris, it was a still bustling city moving on without me. My arrival did not disrupt anything. The monuments, the cafes, and the people were all here before me, but I have trouble conceptualizing that. It became a real place as soon as I walked off the plane, but before …

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Studying in Paris, but Writing from New York

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Paris by Mia2 Comments

Upon entering my third year at Gallatin, I am continuing my concentration which is rooted in themes of art history, fashion and business. I bore my concentration out of a deep interest in the tumultuous, often hazy and distorted, history of art and a desire to prepare myself for entrepreneurial ventures after college. The technological disruptions of media have created …

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At Home in the World

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Paris by Tessa1 Comment

Hi everyone!  My name is Tessa and I am a junior in Gallatin, concentrating in Marketing, Food Studies, and Media.  Currently, I am spending my fall semester away from the New York campus and instead on the Paris campus.  I have never been to Paris, France, or pretty much anywhere else in Europe so I am extremely excited to begin …

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Alors, nous aimons!

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Paris by Jaxx1 Comment

My name is Jaxx Artz and I’m a junior in Global Liberal Studies concentrating in Arts and Literature. I chose to spend my junior year in Paris because I want to become fluent in French, and the arts and literature courses in Paris seemed so interesting. I’ve been here a week so far, and I’ve realized how I have been …