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Watching It Get Dark

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From a literary standpoint, Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” is a marvel. Incorporating the author’s innovative “Iceberg Theory” of restrained narrative development, a unique array of nuanced characters based on real expatriates and a culturally analytical fault line which frames and unravels the Postwar period, the 1926 novel is engaging in both form and content. Above all of its …

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How Armistice Day Affected my View of Hemingway’s Novel

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Paris recently celebrated the centennial anniversary of Armistice day, or the end of World War I, on November 11th, 2018. While the politically charged energy has waned over the past hundred years, I still tried to imagine what Paris must have been like on that day in 1918. I thought of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun also Rises,” and of disillusioned …

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My Paris in Art

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 10. The Art of Place, Places by Jaxx2 Comments

It’s funny how the classes at an abroad site are concerned with that city. I mean, I get it, and it makes sense, but how many different ways can the words “France,” “French,” and “Paris” be used in the title of a course (many, many different ways, actually). I actually choose Paris for my junior year study abroad location because …

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Blue & Rose

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I have been fortunate enough to be able to take a class at NYU Paris about Medieval French art and architecture.  This class takes us across the city, looking at churches like Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, and Saint Denis, but also to museums like the Louvre and the Cluny Museum.  While each of these sites has been fascinating and definitely …

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Simulated Stratification

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Are we living in a simulation? Since the start of the semester, this metaphysical question has served as a running joke within the NYU Paris community, applying notably to those based in Maison de l’Ile de France (MIDF) at Cité Universitaire, a private student housing campus located on the outskirts of Paris’ 14th arrondissement. For most residents, this notion is …

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The NYU Experience

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The bubble is something I am very familiar with.  If there is one thing I’m really able to understand and observe in my personal experiences is this bubble.  I saw it throughout high school in my hometown.  I see it in New York as an athlete at NYU and as a student at NYU.  There is nothing I see more …

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Fenced In

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This week’s prompt reminded me of an Ai WeiWei exhibit titled ‘good fences make good neighbors.’ In early 2017, the artist erected a series of fence-like structures throughout New York, in an effort to make a statement about the political landscape surrounding immigration in the U.S. The way I interpreted the art was essentially that fences in general make for …

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A Glimpse of Paris Past

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Many years ago I took an art class as an extracurricular outside of school. During the weekly hour long sessions, we would briefly learn an introduction about an artist and then spend that class imitating the artist’s specialty. We created portfolio’s of mock Pollock’s, Cezanne’s, and Van Gogh’s. As a nine year old girl, I was particularly drawn to Edgar …

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Les Pressions de Voyager

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Just like that, my semester in Paris is halfway done. The sprawling green lawns are now ornamented with crisp and multicolored fall leaves. Daily temperatures have securely plateaued below the 50-degree mark. And the stride in my step has been bolstered by a boost in confidence borne out of newfound familiarity. These shifts are decisive, and there is no going …

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Travel Mishaps

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The logistics of travel always seem to be more complicated than at first outlook. A nine am flight simply means a full day in your new destination, until it is six am and you come to the realization that you’ve forgotten your passport midway through the drive to the airport. Charles De Gaulle is farther and more expensive to get …