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Founder of Gallatin Might Not Fit Well in a Gallatin Classroom

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Herbert London, founder of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, held a highly contested discussion on Tuesday during a meeting of The Review and Debate Series, as students weren’t keen on his views on foreign policy.  London founded Gallatin in 1972 as a program within NYU with the idea in mind that students should read 87 key texts from Western …

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Complex City

In Orientation, New York City, A Sense of Place by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

I’ve always been interested in the idea of new places. It’s strange how when first arriving in an unfamiliar place, you see it very differently from how you do after being there a few weeks, or even days. You no longer get lost as much, but the novelty of the being in another environment begins to wear off. In his novel …

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The “gem-like flame” of a City at Sunrise

In Orientation, New York City, A Sense of Place by Dylan Beach1 Comment

Taking my cue from Alan Lightman’s refreshing discourse about memory’s hold on our habits of navigating familiar places, I’d like to write about a time of re-discovering, or re-navigating, an already familiar place. Immediately following my sophomore year at NYU, I landed a job, moved out to Brooklyn (Greenpoint), and bought a bike. With all these changes to my routine, …

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Identifying A Church In Corona, Queens

In City Form, New York City, A Sense of Place by Amy1 Comment

Lynch’s Image of the City accurately describes the differences between our cognitive maps and the geographic maps that help us navigate city streets. Our cognitive maps evolve from the experiences we have with space, but geographic maps rarely tell stories. Although there are stark differences between a cognitive and geographic map, they can also inform each other to help make …

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Where is Little Italy

In City Form, New York City, A Sense of Place by Prof1 Comment

About a year ago I was approached by a group of tourists, armed with a map of whose effective I question, who posited a question that I found myself struggling to answer. Though not from New York, I have a very developed sense of direction, as do most men.  Nonetheless, I was puzzled when the couple asked me where in …

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New York ‘Public’ Transportation

In Social Spaces, New York City, A Sense of Place by Dylan Beach2 Comments

I’m not exactly sure what constitutes as ‘public space’ in America today. The British, as early as the late 12th Century, started privatizing what might have been known as ‘public space’ (a process known as Enclosure). Therefore, it is arguable that the Western World, including New York, doesn’t really have ‘public space,’ for there are certainly no ejidos to be …