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For Farrah the Fahrrad

In Berlin, 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel by Gillian1 Comment

This first full week in Berlin has truly been spectacular; the friendships that had only begun to form last week have officially grown out of the welcome week getting-to-know-you stage and have evolved into real relationships, each and every one of my classes has exceeded my expectations, and I have begun to think of Berlin as a legitimate home, maybe …

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Spatial and Sensory Connections

In Berlin, 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel by Cara2 Comments

As I find myself stumbling upon restaurants, shops, and parks in different neighborhoods throughout Berlin, I am desperately trying to orient myself. Berlin is compiled of twelve different districts, each with a unique personality and feel. I am constantly asking friends or checking maps on my phone to situate myself and determine which neighborhood I am in. I am ingrained …

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Something Good

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 15. Farewells by Havana Liu2 Comments

What a truly strange thing it is to say goodbye to Something. Something cannot reply with a “farewell”, “see you soon”, or an “I will miss you”. Something cannot give a hug and wish for your safe travels. Something cannot even wave. In saying goodbye to Something, we are left with our inferences, our interpretations and perhaps our intentions. Something …

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In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 14. Tips, Places by Arjun2 Comments

Go to Berlin. All my friends who have come here to visit say the same things: that Berlin has some sort of magical vibe about it, some sort of freeing feeling coursing through it. There’s so much room to do things, which may be exclusively a New Yorker’s reaction, but I realize now that having space to explore and create …

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Freud, the Aeneid, and Film

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 13. Free topic, Places by ArjunLeave a Comment

This week, I’d like to relate my studies here in Berlin to some of the topics that I want to explore in my Gallatin rationale, specifically reevaluating The Aeneid by Virgil. The most intellectually enriching class I’ve been taking here is German Intellectual Tradition: Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, because I’ve been wanting to learn more about these thinkers for quite …