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Paradise Lost

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 9. Troubles, Sydney by Annabel1 Comment

Traveling is all about learning and growing from the obstacles presented. Without a few misadventures, a journey doesn’t teach you all that it can. This is the mantra that I’ve hysterically repeated in my head to avoid completely breaking down when faced with the many issues I’ve experienced while traveling this semester. It’s really easy to want to just throw …

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Qiandao Hu (千岛湖)

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 9. Troubles, Shanghai by William DenningLeave a Comment

The difficulties of traveling in China aren’t speaking the language, following the roadsigns, or even finding the most exciting spots. The biggest difficulty is the procurement of information. The most and best information lies mostly on travel blogs and expat forums. This, though, adds a sense of adventure to traveling in China. Each trip has a number of game elements …

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Art of Trouble

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 9. Troubles, Sydney, Places by SashaLeave a Comment

There were demons in the street. Specifically, there were ogoh-ogoh— demonic statues made of bamboo, cloth, and other materials. In Hindu mythology, these statues symbolize the evil spirits that Nyepi day, or day of silence, tries to drive out. The ogoh-ogoh were beautiful, their bright colors exaggerated by the grey sky. We were stuck in traffic, observing the chaos of …

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Those Who Wait

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Paris, 9. Troubles by ZoeLeave a Comment

I feel good enough where I am – socially, academically, and emotionally – to reflect on… not such a good time: my first two weeks at NYU Paris. The study abroad “experience” is romanticized and glorified by just about everyone, myself included. I had a grand vision of what my experience would be like: fast friends, adventures to far-off places, …