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The Trdelnik Trap

In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Prague by Erica1 Comment

The streets are riddled with trdelniks. What is a trdelnik, you ask? Well, according to Wikipedia (the only time I will rely on this site as a “reputable” source), a trdelnik is “a kind of spit cake” and is “made from rolled dough… grilled and topped with a sugar and walnut mix.” All over the Old Town Square, and nearly every tourist …

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Death On Every Corner

In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Paris by Andie2 Comments

Paris loves a good death. It stands in every metro station, swings from every street sign, and trips off the tongues of tourists attempting to say “gateau Saint Honoré.” When Kevin Lynch said “every rock tells a different story,” death stuck fast in the mortar. When Suzanne Langer said that architecture is a manifestation of the “total environment made visible,” …

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In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Shanghai by William DenningLeave a Comment

My friend Lynn and I found ourselves, especially the first week, spending our evenings exploring the Jinqiao mall near our apartment building. The mall is broken up into 6 ‘blocks’ each housing uncountable shops, booths and restaurants. For dinner on the first few nights, we let the mall be our guide, wandering around until we found something to eat. A …

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Time and Patience

In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Sydney by Sim Tumay1 Comment

Upon arrival in Sydney, I expected to easily find my way around and to have a fairly easy transition to this new environment. The thought of no language barrier and the anticipation that it was a small, beach place similar to my hometown in Florida were the thoughts that I kept telling myself to feel comfortable and stress-free. However, the …

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Lost in Gray Space

In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Berlin by Havana Liu1 Comment

Berlin is filled with suggestions. You cannot conjure up exactly what Berlin looks like in your mind because it is a city filled with references. You cannot look at the visual landscape of Berlin and have it resonate like Park Güell and the Gaudi architecture of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, or the soaked “street” view of Venice. However, when staring …