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Sydney has many strengths, but one of it best is the friendliness. In a stark contrast from the cold nature of New York locals, the people in Sydney approachable and helpful on a large scale. There are sometimes when this behavior actually throws me off. Obviously in foreign environment your bound to find yourself i stressful and unfamiliar situations, but …

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From Stranger to Anchor: A Story Around Hotdogs

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As a typical college student I will often try to find food that is cheap while somewhat filling my stomach. A person that has become someone that I trust with my nourishment is a boss of a parilla that I frequent. She’s a middle-aged lady with blonde hair and wrinkles. She speaks typical Argentine Spanish with the speed of a typical Argentine …

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Hopeless but NOT Romantic

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Prague, 12. Strangers by NatashaLeave a Comment

Dating is, like, the worst activity known to woman, regardless of your sexual orientation since men insert themselves in every situation. It’s tedious, boring, and often even dangerous. So let’s take it abroad! Not to give too much away, but this will not be an interesting article. I will attempt to compensate for my pathetic love life by being melodramatic. …

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Take a Risk

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Sydney, 12. Strangers, Places by Sim TumayLeave a Comment

Trusting strangers in a new environment can be very terrifying and intimidating. However, if you don’t trust strangers, how will you ever know what you’re missing out on? Upon arrival in Sydney, my friends and I felt as if we weren’t getting the full “Australian Experience.” Our school was taking us on touristy trips like cruises through the harbor, museums …

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Support Staff

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Sydney, 12. Strangers by Brennan1 Comment

The feeling of waking up in a strange city, not knowing a soul, is unsettling. And relieving. You feel alive, senses heightened to cognitively evaluate the unfamiliar sounds, smells, and landscape. For a while it feels as if you are in some kind of virtual stimulation, or that this is not reality. You are just a player, anonymous, in the …