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Prague Pictures: A Fantasy

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Prague, 11. Second book by NatashaLeave a Comment

John Banville covers many different topics of travel and of cross-cultural understanding in his description of his own trips to Prague in Prague Pictures: Portraits of a City. Through his descriptions and ponderings of his own memories of the city, gathered on numerous visits, Banville manages to convey ideas about the very essence of the city while touching on topics …

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A Room With a View (into some Italian stereotypes)

In Florence, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 11. Second book by Andrew Cohen1 Comment

“The narrowness and superficiality of the Anglo-Saxon tourist is nothing less than a menace”. So speaks Miss Lavish when discussing how much trouble English travelers can cause when touring through Italy, specifically Florence. A Room With a View by E.M Forster can arguably be called the first modernist novel, commenting on the Edwardian values of his then-contemporary society and of …

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Three Men on the Bummel

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 11. Second book by MelvinLeave a Comment

The Three Men on the Bummel written in 1898 by Jerome K. Jerome is comical story about three men and a dog’s vacation experience across River Thames. The book is influenced by Mark Twain’s A Tramp Abroad with its humorous writing style and similar travel experiences throughout Germany. Jerome uses many small stories to illustrate the experiences of our characters, …

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A Garden of Cultural Knowledge: The German Way

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 11. Second book by Havana LiuLeave a Comment

The text, The German Way: Aspects of Behavior, Attitudes, and Customs in the German-speaking World by Hyde Flippo runs through a multitude of categories that delineate the goings on of a German lifestyle. From broader topics like religion, dining and public transportation to more pointed topics like women in society and angst, the book is thorough to say the least. …

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Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 11. Second book, Sydney, Places by Sim Tumay1 Comment

For decades before the European colonizers came to Australia, the aboriginal people tended to the land by living a life of serenity and peace amongst nature. When the Europeans came around, they dehumanized the aboriginal people and disregarded their opinions, beliefs, and ways of life. They were selfish manipulators and took the land for themselves like thieves. They implemented their …