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From Stranger to Anchor: A Story Around Hotdogs

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As a typical college student I will often try to find food that is cheap while somewhat filling my stomach. A person that has become someone that I trust with my nourishment is a boss of a parilla that I frequent. She’s a middle-aged lady with blonde hair and wrinkles. She speaks typical Argentine Spanish with the speed of a typical Argentine …

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Psyche in Prague

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During one of my classes, we visited the National Gallery in Prague where we were exposed to different art from Czech artists, as well as artists from other countries from various periods in time. During our visit, we looked at works of art created by artists ranging from Antonin Hudecek to Milos Jiranek. And, during this visit, we came across …

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The Soundtrack to Travel

In The Art of Travel, 13. Free topic, Florence by Tia1 Comment

What songs mean the most to you? The ability for music to succinctly capture a metaphysical experience, feeling, or memory is almost universal, and it’s power to transport us to a different mental state can be moving beyond belief. Throughout the last year of travelling through Europe, this marriage between music and memory has grown stronger for me as I …

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Hopeless but NOT Romantic

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Dating is, like, the worst activity known to woman, regardless of your sexual orientation since men insert themselves in every situation. It’s tedious, boring, and often even dangerous. So let’s take it abroad! Not to give too much away, but this will not be an interesting article. I will attempt to compensate for my pathetic love life by being melodramatic. …

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The Long Now

In The Art of Travel, 12. Strangers, Berlin, Places by Arjun1 Comment

I’ve always thought the best way to get to know someone is to start talking trash about other people with them. I know, maybe that’s not the nicest thing ever, but finding out that you share the same cynicism as someone else creates a bond unlike any other. Many of my best friendships have started by me and the other …

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Existing Regardless: Mary Cassatt

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This spring, the Musée Jacquemart-André is hosting an exhibition titled Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist in Paris, the first retrospective of Cassatt’s work held in France since the artist’s death in 1926. As a woman, Cassatt faced challenges in the art world: initially barred from entering the École des Beaux Arts, blocked from exhibitions requiring French nationality, and continually overlooked …

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Strangest thing

In The Art of Travel, 12. Strangers, Places, Sydney by Sasha2 Comments

Byron bay is the most easterly point of Australia. It is a beachside town with about 5,000 residents, and it is beautiful. In the late 1960’s, many surfers moved to Byron for the exceptional waves; by the 70’s, the town gained status as a full-on hippy oasis. Almost 50 years later, Byron possesses the same alternative charm. We arrived in …

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A Room With a View (into some Italian stereotypes)

In The Art of Travel, 11. Second book, Florence by Andrew CohenLeave a Comment

“The narrowness and superficiality of the Anglo-Saxon tourist is nothing less than a menace”. So speaks Miss Lavish when discussing how much trouble English travelers can cause when touring through Italy, specifically Florence. A Room With a View by E.M Forster can arguably be called the first modernist novel, commenting on the Edwardian values of his then-contemporary society and of …

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Strangers to Friends?

In The Art of Travel, 12. Strangers, Prague by Sean Oh1 Comment

Imagine being dropped off in a country where no one understands or wants you, a country in which you are described as a racial minority and one in which nationalistic and racist sentiments have only continued to rise. Naturally, you turn towards solidarity and a community who can not only identify with you but also feel compassion and sympathy. Such …