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Political Bubbles Abroad

In Berlin, The Art of Travel, 9. Bubbles by Gillian1 Comment

I’ve found myself in several bubbles here in Berlin, but does awareness of bubbles alone really transform them? Only if you do something about it. The largest and strongest bubble, the one to which I’ve become most attuned since being here, shields me from the political happenings back in the United States. As many of my fellow travel writers abroad …

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Pop that Bubble!

In Berlin, The Art of Travel, 9. Bubbles by Cara1 Comment

When I imagined studying abroad in the past, I was always so excited for the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, surround myself with a new group of people, and discover more about myself. While all three of these things have happened and are in practice, I am not experiencing them to the extent that I had hoped. …

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Escaping the Bubble

In Florence, The Art of Travel, 9. Bubbles by Eryn1 Comment

The NYU Florence campus is about a 20 minute bus ride from the city center, this means for most of the week days we are able to escape to the campus and get away from the tourist atmosphere and just go to school. There are multiple bubbles in Florence, and often times the campus does become a bubble because it gives you …

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A Multi-Bubble Life

In Florence, The Art of Travel, 9. Bubbles by Dani Kimball1 Comment

When I mentioned I was going to study abroad in Florence, everyone had the same response: “Oh my god, how beautiful! The art, the history! You have to go to the Uffizi and see the Ponte Vecchio! You’re so lucky you get to eat pasta every night!”. I left believing that’s all Florence had to offer: Art, architecture, and great …

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Simulated Stratification

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 9. Bubbles by Saransh1 Comment

Are we living in a simulation? Since the start of the semester, this metaphysical question has served as a running joke within the NYU Paris community, applying notably to those based in Maison de l’Ile de France (MIDF) at Cité Universitaire, a private student housing campus located on the outskirts of Paris’ 14th arrondissement. For most residents, this notion is …

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The NYU Experience

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 9. Bubbles by Tessa1 Comment

The bubble is something I am very familiar with.  If there is one thing I’m really able to understand and observe in my personal experiences is this bubble.  I saw it throughout high school in my hometown.  I see it in New York as an athlete at NYU and as a student at NYU.  There is nothing I see more …

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Fenced In

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 9. Bubbles by Amy1 Comment

This week’s prompt reminded me of an Ai WeiWei exhibit titled ‘good fences make good neighbors.’ In early 2017, the artist erected a series of fence-like structures throughout New York, in an effort to make a statement about the political landscape surrounding immigration in the U.S. The way I interpreted the art was essentially that fences in general make for …