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Brown in the City of Light

In 5. Political, The Art of Travel, Paris by Saransh1 Comment

Sometimes, I feel as though the mere act of existing in Paris as a person of color is political. I do not fit in. I am brown, like a piece of burnt toast, adorned with cavernously sunken in eye sockets and an unmistakably foreign visage. Although my bright hazel-green iris’ conform to European aesthetic standards, my beard, in the way …

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Le Monde

In 5. Political, The Art of Travel, Paris by Tessa1 Comment

Throughout high school I never really followed politics.  I never knew much about what was going on in the world around me, whether domestically or abroad.  Learning more about the political state of my nation and of the world was always something I was interested in, but never really committed to learning about.  Once I reached college and the 2016 …

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National Identity Crisis

In 5. Political, The Art of Travel, Paris by Amy1 Comment

As much as I see France as a beautiful country, full of bountiful opportunity for me, it is not viewed as such by a plethora of other peoples. French nationalism often gives way to racist undertones, a problem the country has been struggling with for a long time. Just some seventy years ago was the Algerian war fought against French …

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And Now Here We Are

In Berlin, 5. Political, The Art of Travel by Cara1 Comment

The significance of Germany’s political history is undeniable. For the entirety of the 20th century, everything and anything related to Germany was tied in with the political turmoil of the period. Now, the country’s — and especially Berlin’s — history is clouded by the memories of this time. Since coming to Berlin, I have learned a lot more about past …

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Tensions High in Italy

In Florence, 5. Political, The Art of Travel by Sam1 Comment

I’m going to be honest here, politics is not something I enjoy. I pay enough attention to maintain the necessary level of knowledge needed to make informed decisions and remain generally aware of current events. I am aware of the importance of staying informed and exercising my right to vote, and I did register for an absentee ballot for while …

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A Conservative Italia

In Florence, 5. Political, The Art of Travel by Eryn1 Comment

One of my main goals in coming to Italy was to learn more about world politics and cultures. I want to be more aware of everything happening internationally and at home. In my liberal studies classes we connect real situations to our readings and in my history in the headlines course we learn about news and politics of all countries. …