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Chinese Dialect

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Shanghai by IvetteLeave a Comment

This past weekend I left Shanghai to go to Enping. Enping is 2.5 hours away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. It is a second-tier city famous for their hot springs. Shockingly, in comparison to the metropolis of Shanghai, I thought that the food in Enping was better and the people seemed friendlier. Now, this may only be the case because I …

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Foreign Familiarity

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris by Saransh2 Comments

Unsurprisingly, knowing French while living in France has proven to be extraordinarily convenient in a practical sense. Furthermore, honing an understanding of the language has provided me with a comforting sense of emotional familiarity and belonging, a privilege that I did not expect to enjoy so quickly. For years, my relationship with the language was confined to classroom settings. Having …

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German? Piece of Cake!

In Berlin, 3. Language, The Art of Travel by Cara1 Comment

Leading up to my departure to Germany, I was constantly assaulted with questions regarding whether or not I had any background in German. These inquiries prevailed throughout the summer and whenever I would respond that no, I would be taking an elementary German course during the semester, my interrogators would throw out a few basic German phrases that they knew …

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Constant Struggle

In 3. Language, Florence, The Art of Travel by Eryn1 Comment

Italian has always been a language i’ve wanted to learn. For one because I am Italian and the second reason being it is such an interesting and historical language. I remember my older brother saying that he wished he would’ve taken a language when he was in college so I thought I should give it a try. I also knew …

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Mi Dispiace

In 3. Language, Florence, The Art of Travel by Dani Kimball1 Comment

By day two, my heart had been broken. Twenty-four hours after I had climbed off a connecting flight, I sat with a group of potential friends beneath street-level in a stone-walled cellar of a tiny restaurant. Our tour guide recommended the spot to us and said it was her favorite place by the Duomo. At this point it was too …

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Confused, but Learning

In 3. Language, Florence, The Art of Travel by Sam1 Comment

I did try to prepare myself for this semester by using Duolingo, but I can’t say that I got very far. By the end of the summer, my knowledge of Italian was still very limited, restrained to a few present tense verbs and some vocab for food and animals. It’s definitely getting better now that classes have started and I’m …

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Stumbling Along…

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris by Jaxx1 Comment

I love Reid’s quote about watchful silence because that is the best way I can describe my actions in Paris thus far. I have studied French for a few years and can stumble along, using my hands to help form my words. I find that, for the most part, I communicate effectively, getting that cup of milk or the bill …

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Politics of the French Language

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris by Amy1 Comment

As a linguistics major, the topic of this week’s assignment delighted me. I have a lot of opinions on the status of “national languages,” and the linguistic superiority and prejudice rooted within this idea. It is often ingrained in U.S. culture that English is a language of superiority, with the rise of the “English-only” movement which stresses nationalism, in the …