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Lost in Shanghai

In 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel, Shanghai by Ivette1 Comment

Last week, I had a doctor’s appointment an hour away from NYU Shanghai. In order to be on time, I ordered a DiDi, the Chinese equivalent to an Uber. The trip there was a nightmare, traffic turned a half hour car ride into a hour long. The driver was also driving the car frustratingly slow–every car passed us. Driving through …

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Quietude in Normandy

In 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel, Paris by Saransh1 Comment

As a Los Angeles native and a New York City resident, I am able to derive a certain level of comfort from key aspects of contemporary urban planning, including those outlined by Kevin Lynch. In metropolitan spaces, I wield the longstanding capacity to use landmarks as frames of reference; Paris, notably, is home to the globally unmistakable Eiffel tower, whose …

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Annoying Circles

In 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel, Washington DC by Sonia2 Comments

Since moving to Washington D.C. in June, I’ve tried to explore the city by walking it. This summer, every day after work I’d walk from Dupont Circle down to Key Bridge in Georgetown. During my summer internship I also took many Lyfts and Ubers from Arlington to Dupont and then Georgetown back to Arlington. Since moving to the NYU dorms, …

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For Farrah the Fahrrad

In Berlin, 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel by Gillian1 Comment

This first full week in Berlin has truly been spectacular; the friendships that had only begun to form last week have officially grown out of the welcome week getting-to-know-you stage and have evolved into real relationships, each and every one of my classes has exceeded my expectations, and I have begun to think of Berlin as a legitimate home, maybe …

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Spatial and Sensory Connections

In Berlin, 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel by Cara2 Comments

As I find myself stumbling upon restaurants, shops, and parks in different neighborhoods throughout Berlin, I am desperately trying to orient myself. Berlin is compiled of twelve different districts, each with a unique personality and feel. I am constantly asking friends or checking maps on my phone to situate myself and determine which neighborhood I am in. I am ingrained …

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Still Lost 50% of the Time

In 2. Wayfinding, Florence, The Art of Travel by Sam1 Comment

It was our third day here, and we were going for a walk. Starting point: our apartment by the Duomo. Midpoint: the Ponte Vecchio. End goal: the Piazzale di Michelangelo. Two minutes into our walk Eryn (who is also in this class) said, “I’m think we’re supposed to go right here.” I replied with, “No, I’m 100% sure we have …

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New City Quirks

In 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel, Paris by Amy1 Comment

It is curious to think that before I arrived in Paris, it was a still bustling city moving on without me. My arrival did not disrupt anything. The monuments, the cafes, and the people were all here before me, but I have trouble conceptualizing that. It became a real place as soon as I walked off the plane, but before …