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Goodbye Fruit, Hello Napkins

In The Art of Travel, Shanghai, 15. Farewell by KD1 Comment

It seems hard to believe this is the last post. When starting this course, I remember thinking, “Okay only 15 posts that’s not that much.” It seems like time has flown by – this might be one of the fastest semesters ever. I have mixed emotions about leaving Shanghai. While part of me is relieved and wanting to leave, another …

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Parting Ways

In The Art of Travel, Washington DC, 15. Farewell by Matthew Chung1 Comment

My first three semesters as a student at New York University has definitely been surreal. For someone who has lived most of his life on the west coast, it was insane to have traveled everywhere from New York to Sydney to Washington D.C. Probably one of the most interesting of semesters was my most recent one here in D.C. Personally, …

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Gelato Count: 57

In Florence, The Art of Travel, 15. Farewell by Sam1 Comment

One of the first things I’m going to do when I get home is eat an entire box of Kraft mac & cheese. Well, probably not. I’ll say hi to my family first, and generally bask in the wonderful feeling of being home after a long time away. However, as soon as that’s done, consuming a box of chemically produced …

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Au Revoir

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 15. Farewell by Amy1 Comment

As December 14th approaches, I wonder when, if ever, I’ll be back in Paris. The feeling is so extraordinary because it’s something I’ve never felt before. I’ve never made a home in a new place for four months, and then had to abandon it. I want to come back, but realistically, it takes time and resources that I won’t be …

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In The Art of Travel, Washington DC, 15. Farewell by Sonia1 Comment

The most rewarding aspect of my experience at NYU DC has been the ability to complete a full time internship. It’s helped me build a professional network and to really get a sense of how my organization, The German Marshall Fund operates. I’ve gotten to write memos, host events, and interact with scholars and government officials. I’ve been able to …