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Simple Guide to China and Shanghai

In The Art of Travel, Shanghai, 14. Tips by Ivette1 Comment

Overview If you’re reading this post, I’m assuming you’ll be venturing to China, specifically Shanghai, very soon. China is rich in culture and history, and is highly recommended place to visit for history fanatics or those who want to venture out of their comfort zone. Each province has their flavors unique to them in multiple aspects: clothing, lifestyle, food, activities …

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In The Art of Travel, Washington DC, 14. Tips by Sonia1 Comment

I would recommend NYU DC students who are looking to work full time internships in politics, public policy, or related fields. This program is really great for connecting students with different individuals and organizations here in DC. The central location allows for easy access to the Hill, think tanks, and various other internships. If you hope to work in the …

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Naja Ok

In Berlin, The Art of Travel, 14. Tips by Gillian1 Comment

What do you need to know about Berlin? Everything and nothing. Berlin has so many idiosyncrasies which are uniquely its own, and (also) uniquely German. Here are some basic guidelines to get you through your day/week/semester/life in Berlin: To Germans, silence truly is golden. You notice this very quickly. People do not talk on the U-Bahn, or the S-Bahn, or …

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A Broad Abroad

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 14. Tips by Amy1 Comment

My parents recently visited me in Paris, and left with heavy hearts, noting that I was very lucky to be living in a city such as Paris for four months. They put into perspective what I was starting to forget. Everyday I am charmed by it, but my appreciation had seemed to wane over the past few months. They reminded …

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5 Tips to Live Best Life in China

In The Art of Travel, Shanghai, 14. Tips by KD1 Comment

1.) Being a degree granting campus Shanghai’s atmosphere is different compared to other study abroad sites. At other sites I think students are focused on exploring that culture and the surrounding areas but here that is not the case. Many of the students you come in contact with have four years to explore so it is not an immediate concern …