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City as Canvas

In Berlin, The Art of Travel, 10. The Art of Place by Gillian1 Comment

My course load here in Berlin includes a class about ancient art. We have learned about manifestations of Germany’s imperialist, colonialist history in the art world; how the country’s bloody participation in the scramble for Africa resulted in their sordid ownership of several ancient artifacts, not to mention a scarily nationalistic attitude towards these ancient and modern cultures. So for …

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The Art in Building B: The Mysterious Museum

In The Art of Travel, 10. The Art of Place, Shanghai by KD1 Comment

Communism is known for its propaganda. China is known for its propaganda. While propaganda is subtler in today’s time utilizing platforms like YouTube (Ironically banned within China…thus propaganda for the English-speaking world) and public-school textbooks it is still a large part of Chinese culture. Propaganda communicates China’s domestic and international pursuits and relations while helping to solidify a Chinese Identity. …

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A Boring Old Wall? Look Closer.

In Florence, The Art of Travel, 10. The Art of Place by Dani Kimball1 Comment

The art in Florence is, of course, abundant. However, I find that by being surrounded by timeless works of art, world-famous portraits, and renowned statues has allowed me to practically stop seeing them all together. I’ve become numb to what would otherwise be a once in a lifetime chance to view the masterpieces around me. Around every Florence street corner …

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Reimagining History vs. Reimagining Berlin

In Berlin, The Art of Travel, 10. The Art of Place by Cara1 Comment

Berlin is known for its abundance of museums and exhibitions. Museum Island is home to an assortment of art from different time periods and new modern and experimental art installations are constantly popping up around the city. Art plays an integral role in shaping Berlin’s reputation. The East Side Gallery showcases work from a wide range of artists making political …

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My Paris in Art

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 10. The Art of Place, Places by Jaxx2 Comments

It’s funny how the classes at an abroad site are concerned with that city. I mean, I get it, and it makes sense, but how many different ways can the words “France,” “French,” and “Paris” be used in the title of a course (many, many different ways, actually). I actually choose Paris for my junior year study abroad location because …

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Blue & Rose

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 10. The Art of Place by Tessa1 Comment

I have been fortunate enough to be able to take a class at NYU Paris about Medieval French art and architecture.  This class takes us across the city, looking at churches like Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, and Saint Denis, but also to museums like the Louvre and the Cluny Museum.  While each of these sites has been fascinating and definitely …

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A Glimpse of Paris Past

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 10. The Art of Place by AmyLeave a Comment

Many years ago I took an art class as an extracurricular outside of school. During the weekly hour long sessions, we would briefly learn an introduction about an artist and then spend that class imitating the artist’s specialty. We created portfolio’s of mock Pollock’s, Cezanne’s, and Van Gogh’s. As a nine year old girl, I was particularly drawn to Edgar …