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Here We Go Again!

In 1. Greetings, Florence, The Art of Travel by Dani KimballLeave a Comment

Hello, hello! I’m Dani. I’m currently a senior in Tisch studying Film and TV Production… however, my career sights are set on something a bit different from the entertainment industry, but more on that later. I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there up until last summer when my family packed up and moved to Denver, Colorado. …

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Studying in Paris, but Writing from New York

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Paris by Mia2 Comments

Upon entering my third year at Gallatin, I am continuing my concentration which is rooted in themes of art history, fashion and business. I bore my concentration out of a deep interest in the tumultuous, often hazy and distorted, history of art and a desire to prepare myself for entrepreneurial ventures after college. The technological disruptions of media have created …

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At Home in the World

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Paris by Tessa1 Comment

Hi everyone!  My name is Tessa and I am a junior in Gallatin, concentrating in Marketing, Food Studies, and Media.  Currently, I am spending my fall semester away from the New York campus and instead on the Paris campus.  I have never been to Paris, France, or pretty much anywhere else in Europe so I am extremely excited to begin …

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Hopeless in Shanghai

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Shanghai by Ivette3 Comments

你们好!(Hi guys!) My name is Ivette Chen. I am currently a senior in Tandon majoring Biomolecular Studies. After spending three years studying nothing but sciences, I have decided to spend one of my last semesters away from a mundane life associated with an engineering school. Initially, I was skeptical about going abroad. I would have to stay an extra semester …

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Alors, nous aimons!

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Paris by Jaxx1 Comment

My name is Jaxx Artz and I’m a junior in Global Liberal Studies concentrating in Arts and Literature. I chose to spend my junior year in Paris because I want to become fluent in French, and the arts and literature courses in Paris seemed so interesting. I’ve been here a week so far, and I’ve realized how I have been …

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Studying Abroad from Abroad

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Washington DC by Sonia3 Comments

Hi my name is Sonia. I’m a senior studying International Relations at NYU Shanghai. I’m “studying abroad” this semester at NYU DC and this is actually my last semester. I will officially be graduating in December, though, I already participated in the graduation ceremony in Shanghai this past May. I’m originally from Munster, Germany but I grew up in Orlando, …