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In 4. Genius Loci, The Art of Travel, Paris by Amy1 Comment

The sartorial expressions of a group of people surely make a statement about the culture in which they live. Style can be an indicator of a subculture, like the Teddy Boys in England during the 60’s. Anthropologically speaking, the politics of dress, music, and the other categories that fall under the overarching term ‘culture’, show an interplay of symbols and …

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Chinese Dialect

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Shanghai by IvetteLeave a Comment

This past weekend I left Shanghai to go to Enping. Enping is 2.5 hours away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. It is a second-tier city famous for their hot springs. Shockingly, in comparison to the metropolis of Shanghai, I thought that the food in Enping was better and the people seemed friendlier. Now, this may only be the case because I …

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Foreign Familiarity

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris by Saransh1 Comment

Unsurprisingly, knowing French while living in France has proven to be extraordinarily convenient in a practical sense. Furthermore, honing an understanding of the language has provided me with a comforting sense of emotional familiarity and belonging, a privilege that I did not expect to enjoy so quickly. For years, my relationship with the language was confined to classroom settings. Having …

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German? Piece of Cake!

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel by Cara1 Comment

Leading up to my departure to Germany, I was constantly assaulted with questions regarding whether or not I had any background in German. These inquiries prevailed throughout the summer and whenever I would respond that no, I would be taking an elementary German course during the semester, my interrogators would throw out a few basic German phrases that they knew …

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Language & Confidence Development

In 3. Language by Tessa1 Comment

One of the reasons I chose to study in Paris is because of the language barrier I knew I would encounter.  I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and go to a country that was entirely alien to everything I know and am comfortable with.  It was a scary choice to make and a daunting task to …

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Constant Struggle

In 3. Language, Florence, The Art of Travel by Eryn1 Comment

Italian has always been a language i’ve wanted to learn. For one because I am Italian and the second reason being it is such an interesting and historical language. I remember my older brother saying that he wished he would’ve taken a language when he was in college so I thought I should give it a try. I also knew …

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Mi Dispiace

In 3. Language, Florence, The Art of Travel by Dani Kimball1 Comment

By day two, my heart had been broken. Twenty-four hours after I had climbed off a connecting flight, I sat with a group of potential friends beneath street-level in a stone-walled cellar of a tiny restaurant. Our tour guide recommended the spot to us and said it was her favorite place by the Duomo. At this point it was too …