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I found it. Discretely nestled along the outermost edge of my neighborhood of Kreuzberg and hidden behind lofty walls of wiry fence and dense ivy lies an unsung jewel: Prinzessinnengarten. Remarkably green and teeming with life, the multi-functioning gardening space is an ecosystem of comradery, commitment, and creativity. Beekeeping and book clubs, ping pong and pizza; After my first lap …

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In and Out

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 8. Bubble, Paris by Howard1 Comment

This is a jazz bar my friends and I always go on every Friday night. I cannot recall the name of it, but it is near Notre Dame, close to Shakespeare bookstore, a place where one can easily find on trip advisor, and there are always people taking pictures under its plague. It has the most overpriced drinks in it; …