Brilliant! Pristine! Countries Sling Epic Tourism Slogans!

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The New York Times: Any advertising campaign needs a good slogan, and if the client is a national tourism board, the trick is to encapsulate a country’s wonders and charms in just a few words.

Some manage it better than others.

The English-language tourism slogans of more than 150 countries have been compiled by FamilyBreakFinder, a travel website, and the approaches can be as different as the deserts of Algeria (Tourism for Everybody) are from the snow-capped peaks of Nepal (Once Is Not Enough).

Many countries settle for just an alliterative adjective: Brilliant BarbadosEpic EstoniaIncredible IndiaRemarkable Rwanda and, at the alliterative apex, Pristine Paradise Palau.

But some strive for something a bit more majestic: Kingdom of Wonder(Cambodia), Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures (Brunei) or Kingdom in the Sky (Lesotho).

The slogans on the list can seem remarkably matter of fact, like Visit Armenia, It Is Beautiful, or cautious, like Latvia: Best Enjoyed Slowly. Others go for the exhortatory, including Paraguay: You Have to Feel It!and Albania: Go Your Own Way!  Read more.

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