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Knowing What You Want

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Young1 Comment

Like many fans of Netflix’s immensely popular series House of Cards, I binged the new season the moment it was released. The drama, which follows the political movings of an America on a parallel timeline to our own, grapples with many of the issues that this country deals with today. One of the tools that play a prominent role is …

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On a Global Education

In A Sense of Place, Cosmopolitan by Young4 Comments

Education has always been the critical point of focus for my family. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea before the proliferation of quality English-speaking after school programs, I learned English by taking online classes designed for homeschooled American students. Classes would take place in 3p.m. EST, or 4a.m. local time. Inevitably, the difficulty of classes was compounded by the …

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A Catered Vision

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Young2 Comments

“It feels fake.” My friend from Queens was unenthused with the High Line. My marketing pitch (“It’s the place where I bring girls for underwhelming dates”) was low-brow, but her reaction startled me. The park to me felt very New York in my own, outsider kind of way. The desire to force more green into an urban environment, in an …

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The Non-Home

In Placelessness, A Sense of Place by Young2 Comments

My freshman year dorm was bubbling with inauthenticity. This phenomenon was particularly prevalent during Welcome Week, where it seemed like every member of the community–fellow freshmen, administration, parents–was enthused with our school and the fostering of a community than at any other given time. Voices were louder and higher, handshakes were firm and frequent, and there was an energy dedicated …

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Rude and Loud

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In a city obsessed with marketing and curating an image, graffiti sticks out as an unique mode of self-expression in New York. The etymology of the word “graffiti” has Italian roots; however, denizens of the city would point to the art form’s proliferation in the subway system or the local government’s reaction to it during the 80’s before they would at …

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On Narrative

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Washington Square Village is the product of two distinct narratives. One is a reflection of seismic shifts in the world of architecture and urban planning, while the second is in tandem with New York University. The two slabs of grey and flat colored bricks are built in the image of Swiss-French urban planner Le Corbusier’s vision–two monolithic structures bound an …

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City Politics and Mainstream Teen Movies

In Utopias, A Sense of Place by Young1 Comment

There has been a trend in young adult media revolving around a dystopian environment. This concept is particularly prevalent in film, where the environment is colored with a palette of dark grays, possibly shot in Vancouver. Media marketed to teenagers that repackages George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four into a typeset group of rebellious, yet eclectic in talent, teenagers is so common that its spun …

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When a Crowd Hibernates

In Social life, A Sense of Place by YoungLeave a Comment

My idyllic New England boarding school’s campus was designed exactly how you would think it’d be. On an elevated patch of land next to the confluence of two rivers, red brick of the older buildings and glass and steel for the new structures, the campus was thoughtfully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and match expectations. There was quad surrounded by covered …

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On Navigation and Answers

In extra, extra 2 by Young2 Comments

My father detests GPS navigation systems. Even after the proliferation of navigation systems, he insists on using paper maps–our family’s map of the Bay Area of California remains a mess of tape, highlighter marks, and sun faded ink nearly twelve years after we first bought it from a Triple A store in Gilroy. My sister and I have learned not …

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Fighting for Relevance

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Young2 Comments

New York has an unique fight culture. Historically, NY fight culture heavily revolved around boxing–New York Golden Gloves, Ali vs. Frazier I in Madison Square Garden, and Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn are central events, moments, and places in boxing’s history. Recently, combat sports in the city has expanded to Muay Thai (Coban’s, Sitan’s, The Wat), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Marcelo Garcia, …

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On the Stage and its Actors

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The Washington Square Park my parents know and the Washington Square Park I know are two drastically different places. My Korean parents see the park in tandem with my education–WSP is the idyllic (albeit, public) quad to the scattered campus of NYU. The lush green juxtaposed with the aged concrete and marble that paints every admissions brochure is all they …