I'm a current senior at NYU Shanghai studying International Relations. I will be graduating in December 2018 although I did already participate in the graduation ceremony in Shanghai this past May. I am currently studying "abroad" at the NYU Washington DC campus!

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Stuck Here Forever??

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My favorite part of DC is the abundance of opportunities there are in my field of international relations. The variety in internships, free seminars and events, and accessibility of scholars/experts have helped me grow as both a student and a young professional. In Shanghai, I wasn’t able to find any internships that were relevant to my field. In New York, …

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Power Struggle

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The way I perceive the feeling or characteristic atmosphere of DC is inherently biased by my past experiences and former homes. In the last month or so I’ve been liking DC less. This is influenced by my friends and family living elsewhere but also by my love for big cities, a label, which I believe DC does not fit. One …

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Annoying Circles

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Since moving to Washington D.C. in June, I’ve tried to explore the city by walking it. This summer, every day after work I’d walk from Dupont Circle down to Key Bridge in Georgetown. During my summer internship I also took many Lyfts and Ubers from Arlington to Dupont and then Georgetown back to Arlington. Since moving to the NYU dorms, …

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Studying Abroad from Abroad

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Hi my name is Sonia. I’m a senior studying International Relations at NYU Shanghai. I’m “studying abroad” this semester at NYU DC and this is actually my last semester. I will officially be graduating in December, though, I already participated in the graduation ceremony in Shanghai this past May. I’m originally from Munster, Germany but I grew up in Orlando, …