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Take a Risk

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Trusting strangers in a new environment can be very terrifying and intimidating. However, if you don’t trust strangers, how will you ever know what you’re missing out on? Upon arrival in Sydney, my friends and I felt as if we weren’t getting the full “Australian Experience.” Our school was taking us on touristy trips like cruises through the harbor, museums …

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Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

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For decades before the European colonizers came to Australia, the aboriginal people tended to the land by living a life of serenity and peace amongst nature. When the Europeans came around, they dehumanized the aboriginal people and disregarded their opinions, beliefs, and ways of life. They were selfish manipulators and took the land for themselves like thieves. They implemented their …

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Hectic Reality

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Upon arrival in Bali, I immediately felt overwhelmed as I walked through the airport in Denpasar. I had never been surrounded by such a diverse culture before. When I arrived in Sydney, Australia to study abroad, I felt no different and I encountered very few cultural barriers. The Balinese language and currency were the first cultural barriers that I dealt …

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Far From Artificial

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As I walked out of the airport at Denpasar, Indonesia for my Spring Break vacation, I immediately felt an overwhelming feeling of unfamiliarity and confusion. Even after all of my previous travels, this was truly the first time that I felt so much uncertainty. Bali was the first third world country that I have ever traveled to and I experienced …

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“The Island Will Sink”: The Reality behind Australia’s Flawed Environment

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In “The Island Will Sink,” Briohny Doyle presents us with a dystopian future in which the environment is presented as an extremely degraded, doomed place. The most frightening part of the novel is that this degraded dystopian future is not too far away and it feels as if it is approaching within the next couple years or so. Several environmental …

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How are ya going?

In The Art of Travel, 3. Communicating, Sydney by Sim Tumay2 Comments

Language has always been a major barrier and disadvantage for me during my past travels throughout Europe, South America, and Mexico. However, upon arrival in Sydney, I expected to immediately immerse myself in the culture and hoped to never feel out of place. Once I arrived I felt comfortable because I was able to immediately ask for directions from locals …

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Time and Patience

In The Art of Travel, 2. Getting oriented, Sydney by Sim Tumay1 Comment

Upon arrival in Sydney, I expected to easily find my way around and to have a fairly easy transition to this new environment. The thought of no language barrier and the anticipation that it was a small, beach place similar to my hometown in Florida were the thoughts that I kept telling myself to feel comfortable and stress-free. However, the …