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To P.C. or Not to P.C.

In A Sense of Place, Cosmopolitan by Shea2 Comments

Yi Fi Tuan’s writing on the Cosmopolitan Hearth engages with the process by which communities resist “homogenizing forces of modernization.” This contention is described as not only a resistance to change but also as a defense of some threatened virtue or viewpoint. To put this more plainly, we only have to listen to a (comically oft-repeated) line from Presidential candidate …

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NY but are U?

In Placelessness, A Sense of Place by Shea2 Comments

New York University doesn’t necessarily have the strongest sense of place. Many times however, this description is used to describe how NYU feels disjointed because of where its located or because of its student body, etc. Much of what I have heard concerning NYU’s placelessness does not preoccupy itself with our international student population or study abroad programs, though this is …

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So Long, But What’s To Miss?

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Shea2 Comments

It has come to light recently that New Yorkers have reached a consensus, of not feeling safe on the subway at night. Maybe thats not the biggest news, but it certainly has been touted around as if the stat alone might drag us back to the days of scary accounts of NYC landmarks like Central Park. As a New Yorker I love …

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Under the BQE

In Landscape, A Sense of Place by SheaLeave a Comment

Growing up I was an unskilled skateboarder. It certainly didn’t stop me from investing my youth pushing around the parking lots and sidewalks of the square mile or so around my house. My older brother and I would cobble together all sorts of jumps and ramps with pallet scraps we found behind the carpet showroom or with plywood we found …

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The Sixth Borough

In Suburbia, A Sense of Place by Shea2 Comments

I grew up in a suburb, and I think that from an early age I had a sense of that. In the simplest terms, Newburgh, NY fits the suburban bill. Its roughly sixty miles north of the city limits (and is as such part of the greater Metro area) while also providing backyards with views of the Hudson River Valley …

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9 West 57th

In Architecture, A Sense of Place by Shea1 Comment

9 West 57th Street is formally known as the Solow Building, but the billionaire pedigree is often overlooked because of the ease with which the number nine has come to represent the structure. The large numeral is not nearly as striking as the curved facade the Solow displays towards both street entrances, but it has come to help identify the …

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Tech Utopia?

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Jane Jacobs’ writing makes an appeal for the common citizen in the face of the master planner. They are doing it right, she contends. The streets are your source material, as they are the arena for citizens to enact their wants and desires. I don’t want to oversimplify Jacob’s argument, but I do mean to emphasize the importance of individual …

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Each Bridge Their Own

In Social life, A Sense of Place by Shea3 Comments

Cycling around New York City is some of the most thrilling transportation you can experience. Just riding from class back to your dorm can be a nail biting saga that would keep your mother up at night, but ultimately getting on two wheels provides a means to actually see the city, and I mean the entire city. No one is …

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Subway Map Orienteering

In Orientation, A Sense of Place by Shea3 Comments

When I first moved to New York City, I had been here previously, but I had retained no real sense of the grid or the city layout. Out of necessity I consulted the NYU campus map to get an I.D. and go to class, but soon enough further travel was warranted and I had to grasp the larger picture of …

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Aquatic Recreation

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Aquatic center has a ring to it. It does something city pool just cannot. Make no mistake though, the Newburgh Aquatic Center is a city pool. As such, there were all that was to be expected of a city pool: dollar admission, crappy facilities, lifeguards in red tank tops, etc. That last part is where I came in, and my …

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Loving the Port Authority

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The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) has name recognition, but for all the wrong reasons. It is not often quoted as the busiest bus terminal in the country, but rather lamented for being behind the times. All this despite its continued role in bringing commuters and tourists alike into NYC like nearby Penn Station (PS) and Grand Central Terminal (GCT) …